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The Meaning Behind The Song: Ice Station Zebra by Jack White

The Meaning Behind The Song: “Ice Station Zebra” by Jack White

When I first heard the song “Ice Station Zebra” by Jack White, I was immediately captivated by its intriguing lyrics and unique sound. As I delved deeper into the song, I began to explore the hidden meanings behind its words and uncovered a fascinating story.

The lyrics of the song seem to address the concept of labeling and the inherent complexities of defining oneself. Jack White sings, “Everything in the world gets labeled and named, a box, a rough definition, unavoidable.” This line suggests that society often places labels and expectations on individuals, confining them to predefined boxes. It questions who has the authority to label and why individuals are unwilling to take responsibility for the labels they assign.

As the song progresses, White presents an interesting analogy by comparing creativity to genealogy. He states, “Everyone creating is a member of the family, passing down genes and ideas in harmony.” This idea challenges the notion of originality and suggests that every creative act is, in fact, a replication or reinterpretation of what has come before. It encourages artists to embrace their influences and inspirations rather than rejecting them.

The repetition of the phrase “Copying god” throughout the song reinforces this notion of creative replication. It suggests that every creation, no matter how unique it may seem, is ultimately derived from a divine source. It emphasizes the interconnectivity of all artistic endeavors and highlights the immeasurable influence that creativity has on society.

While the lyrics of “Ice Station Zebra” may seem abstract, they are open to interpretation and provoke thought on various levels. The song challenges listeners to question societal norms, perceive creativity in a different light, and embrace their influences rather than trying to escape from them.

The title of the song, “Ice Station Zebra,” is inspired by a 1963 Cold War era novel written by Alistair MacLean. The novel, as well as the 1968 film adaptation, delves into themes of suspense and espionage against the backdrop of the Cold War. Although the connection between the song and the novel is not explicit, the title adds to the enigmatic nature of the song and invites listeners to explore its layers of meaning further.

“Ice Station Zebra” is featured on Jack White’s 2018 album, “Boarding House Reach.” The album showcases White’s experimentation with various musical genres, including rap, rock, experimental rock, and art rock. This diverse sonic landscape reflects the depth and complexity of the song’s lyrics, creating a truly immersive musical experience.

In conclusion, “Ice Station Zebra” by Jack White is a thought-provoking song that challenges listeners to reconsider the concept of creativity, the role of labels in society, and the interconnectedness of artistic expression. Its enigmatic lyrics and unique sound make it a standout track on White’s “Boarding House Reach” album, leaving a lasting impression on those who delve into its deeper meanings.


Produced By Jack White

Written By Jack White

Electric Guitar Jack White

Mixing Engineer Bill Skibbe, Joshua V. Smith & Jack White

Recording Engineer Bill Skibbe & Vance Powell

Label Columbia Records, XL Recordings & Third Man Records

Design Nathanio Strimpopulos, The Silent Giants, Rob Jones & Jack White

Copyright Third Face, LLC

Publisher Third String Tunes

Manufacturing Third Man Pressing

Electronic Drums Carla Azar & Jack White

Udu Justin Porée

Acoustic Drums Jack White & Carla Azar

Electric Bass Neon Phoenix

Piano Quincy McCrary & Jack White

Engineering Jack White & Todd Monfalcone

Mastering Engineer Bob Ludwig

Assistant Engineer Grant Valentine, Joshua V. Smith, Ben Schmitz & Chandler Harrod

Percussion Justin Porée

Synthesizer Anthony “Brew” Brewster & Jack White

Vocals Jack White

Recorded At Capitol Studios, Los Angeles, Third Man Studio, Nashville & Sear Sound, New York City

Release Date March 21, 2018


Rap, Rock, Experimental Rock, Art Rock

Note: The use of “I” in this article reflects the hypothetical personal experiences of the writer engaging with the song.

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