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The Meaning Behind The Song: Icarus by Madeon

The Meaning Behind The Song: Icarus by Madeon

I am currently listening to Madeon’s “Icarus” as I sit here working on my article. The infectious beats and uplifting melody make it the perfect soundtrack to my day. But beyond its catchy sound, “Icarus” holds a deeper meaning that resonates with many listeners.

An Electro-Based Gem

Madeon, known for his unique blend of pop and electro-based music, described “Icarus” as one of his more electro songs. It falls under the category of his instrumental jams, showcasing his talent as a producer and musician.

“But basically when I want to write a song, if it’s more of a pop song it’s 125, and if it’s more electro it’s 126. ‘The City’ is a pop song so it’s 125. ‘Icarus’ was more electro so it’s 126.” – Madeon

With its energetic beats and pulsating synths, “Icarus” takes listeners on a musical journey. The song’s tempo and distinct electronic elements perfectly capture the essence of Madeon’s electro-based style.

A Breakthrough Success

Released in 2012, “Icarus” quickly became a chart success. It reached the top 25 dance singles in Belgium and became the fifth most popular dance single in the UK. The track’s popularity continued to soar as it found its place in various mediums, gaining recognition in the gaming world and the music industry.

“Icarus” was featured in the soundtrack of the 2012 racing game Forza Horizon, exposing the song to an even wider audience. Additionally, it earned a spot on the deluxe version of Madeon’s debut album, Adventure. Its inclusion in these prominent platforms contributed to the song’s enduring success.

A Mashup Sensation

Madeon’s rise to fame began with “Pop Culture,” a mashup that showcased his talent for blending different songs into a harmonious composition. It’s only fitting that one of his own songs, “Icarus,” would also become a successful mashup sensation.

In 2017, popular mashup YouTuber SilvaGunner uploaded a mashup of “Icarus” with various audio memes. This mashup, combining the electrifying beats of “Icarus” with internet culture references, garnered attention and appreciation from fans. Subsequently, a fan-made music video titled “Memed to Life” was created, further cementing the song’s popularity.

A Symbolic Tale

While “Icarus” may seem like a purely instrumental track, its title holds significant meaning. In Greek mythology, Icarus was the son of Daedalus, a skilled craftsman. They attempted to escape imprisonment by constructing wings made of feathers and wax. However, Icarus flew too close to the sun, causing the wax to melt and sending him plummeting into the sea.

This tale of hubris serves as a cautionary reminder about the consequences of overreaching and the limits of human ambition. Madeon’s “Icarus” captures the spirit of this story through its soaring melodies and powerful build-ups, evoking a sense of both triumph and subsequent downfall.

As I listen to “Icarus” once again, I am reminded of the universal theme this song embodies. It serves as a reminder to embrace our aspirations but always remain grounded and aware of the risks they entail. Madeon’s musical genius brings this theme to life, allowing listeners to connect not just with the sound but also with the underlying message.

So whether I’m jamming to “Icarus” while working, playing a game, or simply enjoying the music, its meaning and energy continue to captivate me.

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