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The Meaning Behind The Song: I Think a Lot About You (demo) by Margo Guryan

The Meaning Behind The Song: I Think a Lot About You (demo) by Margo Guryan

As I am listening to the demo version of “I Think a Lot About You” by Margo Guryan, I am instantly captivated by the heartfelt lyrics and the soothing melody. This song resonates with me on a deep level, and I find myself transported to a place of reflection and contemplation.

A Song of Love and Longing

The lyrics of “I Think a Lot About You” convey a sense of yearning and the inability to focus on anything else but the person the singer is thinking about. In the first verse, Margo reflects on the sunshine and happiness that may exist in other places, but her mind is consumed by thoughts of this special someone. The pre-chorus describes the powerful impact this person has had on her life, almost stealing her heart away.

The chorus, with its simple repetition, emphasizes the significance of this person in Margo’s thoughts. It is clear that she contemplates every action and decision, ultimately revolving around the thoughts of this individual. This repetition in the chorus beautifully illustrates the intensity of her feelings and the extent to which they dominate her mind.

In the second verse, the contrasting image of rain and unhappiness is presented, but Margo’s focus remains unswayed. She acknowledges that problems exist in the world, but her thoughts consistently drift back to the person she holds dear.

The Encounter and the Aftermath

As the lyrics unfold, it becomes apparent that “I Think a Lot About You” reflects a personal experience in Margo’s life. In both the pre-chorus sections, she describes the moment this person walked into her life, leaving a lasting impression. The comparison to a lion to be tamed suggests a powerful presence and undeniable allure. It is evident that Margo had to exercise caution to maintain control over her feelings.

Despite the potential shame that could have arisen from their connection, as mentioned in the pre-chorus, Margo’s contemplation and thoughtfulness ultimately prevailed. She recognizes the significance of her thoughts and actions and acknowledges the impact this person has on her life.

A Window into Margo Guryan’s World

The demo version of “I Think a Lot About You” provides a glimpse into Margo Guryan’s songwriting process. The stripped-down instrumentation and raw vocals create an intimate atmosphere, where the focus remains solely on the lyrics and emotions being conveyed.

The release of this demo as part of the album “27 Demos” in 2014 allows listeners to delve deeper into Margo’s artistic journey and gain a deeper understanding of her music. The simplicity and vulnerability captured in this demo version showcase the genuine talent and creative insight that Margo possesses as a singer-songwriter.


“I Think a Lot About You” is a heartfelt song that beautifully expresses the power of love and the profound impact it has on one’s thoughts and actions. Margo Guryan’s thoughtful lyrics and the introspective nature of the song create a relatable experience for listeners. Whether contemplating a personal connection or simply reflecting on the importance of someone in our lives, this song resonates on a universal level, reminding us of the power of human connections and the depth of our emotions.

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