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The Meaning Behind The Song: I Miss the Days by NF

The Meaning Behind The Song: I Miss the Days by NF


I first heard the song “I Miss the Days” by NF on a gloomy afternoon when I was searching for some new music to listen to. As soon as the intro chords started playing, I was captivated by the emotional tone of NF’s voice and the raw vulnerability in his lyrics. This song quickly became a favorite of mine, and I found myself listening to it on repeat, trying to decipher its meaning and relate it to my own experiences.

Reflecting on Childhood

In “I Miss the Days,” NF takes a nostalgic trip down memory lane, reflecting on his childhood and yearning for the simpler times when he had a genuine smile on his face. The song speaks to the universal desire to return to a state of innocence and joy, free from the burdens and complexities of adulthood.

NF reminisces about riding his bike without overthinking his life and not constantly questioning his worthiness of love and acceptance. He longs for the days when he wasn’t constantly stressed about money, responsibilities, or societal expectations. The lyrics depict his longing to break free from the constraints of adulthood and regain the lightness and innocence of his youth.

The Weight of Expectations

As the song progresses, NF delves deeper into his struggles with self-doubt, anxiety, and depression. He questions the moment when he stopped believing in himself and started questioning his purpose to even exist. This introspective journey highlights the weight of external expectations and how they can lead to feelings of inadequacy and a loss of identity.

NF longs to reclaim his mind, the one that used to tell him he was worth something even when he failed. He yearns for the freedom he felt before his imagination became caged and limited, before he was haunted by past traumas and trapped in a cycle of depression. The lyrics convey his desire to find happiness again, to let go of what’s holding him back and rediscover the joy and innocence he once had.

The Search for Happiness

“I Miss the Days” serves as a reminder that happiness is not a constant state but a journey that requires constant effort and self-reflection. NF asks if we will ever feel like we did back then, when life was simpler and joy seemed easier to attain. These questions resonate deeply with anyone who has experienced the loss of innocence and the struggles of navigating adulthood.

As I reflect on the lyrics of this song, I am reminded of my own journey and the challenges I have faced in finding happiness and maintaining my inner childlike wonder. Like NF, I have questioned my purpose, grappled with self-doubt, and longed for the carefree days of my youth. But this song also inspires hope, reminding me that it’s never too late to reclaim the happiness and innocence we once had.


“I Miss the Days” by NF is a poignant song that captures the longing for a simpler time and the search for happiness in the midst of adulthood. NF’s introspection and vulnerability in this track allow listeners to connect with his journey and reflect on their own experiences. This song serves as a reminder to cherish our inner child, embrace vulnerability, and never stop searching for the joy and innocence that once defined us.

– [Verse 1] – [Chorus] – [Verse 2] – [Chorus] – [Bridge] – [Chorus] – [Post-Chorus] – Album title: The Search (2019)


– Produced By Tommee Profitt & NF
– Written By NF & Tommee Profitt
– Programmer Tommee Profitt
– Instrumentation Tommee Profitt
– Copyright © Capitol CMG Paragon
– Mastered at Tommee Profitt Studios & Bernie Grundman Mastering
– Mastering Engineer Tommee Profitt & Mike Bozzi
– Background Vocals Debi Selby, Nicki Conley, Jason Eskridge, Brooke Griffith, Moiba Mustapha & Travis Cottrell
– Studio Personnel Mike Bozzi & Tommee Profitt
– Mixing Engineer Tommee Profitt
– Recorded At Tommee Profitt Studios, Franklin, TN
– Release Date July 26, 2019
– Remix: I Miss The Days (Remix) by CRZWN

As a music technician, I’m grateful for the opportunity to dive into the meaning behind songs like “I Miss the Days” by NF. It allows me to connect with the emotional core of the music and understand the artist’s journey on a deeper level. This song resonates with me and reminds me to treasure my own memories and strive for happiness, no matter where life takes me.

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