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The Meaning Behind The Song: I Like U, But I Love Me by MAXINE

The Meaning Behind The Song: I Like U, But I Love Me by MAXINE


I am listening to this song, “I Like U, But I Love Me” by MAXINE, as I write this article. The song has resonated with me on a personal level, and I believe it holds a deeper meaning that many can relate to. Through its heartfelt lyrics, MAXINE captures the essence of self-love and the struggle to prioritize oneself in a relationship. Let’s delve into the meaning behind this captivating song.

The Lyrics

The lyrics of “I Like U, But I Love Me” express a conflicting sentiment towards a romantic interest. MAXINE acknowledges having feelings for someone but recognizes the importance of loving oneself first. The opening lines set the tone: “I like you, but I la-la-love me. Think you’d be better off chasing after somebody who loves you just the way I love me.”

In the first verse, MAXINE admits to being comfortable rather than deeply in love. The protagonist considers the possibility of remaining friends instead of pursuing a romantic relationship due to their differences. They are hesitant to give false hope and claim that they don’t think about the other person in a romantic way.

The second verse highlights the complications that arose when trying to maintain the relationship. MAXINE reflects on being caught up in a situation where they unsuccessfully tried to align themselves with the other person. Ultimately, it resulted in a mess, with the other person already being steps ahead.

The chorus repeats the sentiment expressed in the opening, emphasizing the importance of finding someone who loves the individual just as they love themselves. This serves as a reminder that self-love is crucial and should not be compromised for the sake of a relationship.

The post-chorus and outro reveal conflicting emotions. MAXINE loves the person but realizes they will never truly fall in love with them. These lines capture the bittersweet nature of the song, as MAXINE acknowledges their feelings while emphasizing the unyielding love they have for themselves.

Personal Connection

Listening to “I Like U, But I Love Me” evokes my own experiences and struggles with self-love within relationships. It serves as a reminder that prioritizing oneself and maintaining a strong sense of identity is essential. It is a delicate balance to be able to love another person while still remaining true to yourself. The song prompts introspection, highlighting the importance of valuing oneself and not settling for less than what one deserves.

Through this song, MAXINE beautifully encapsulates the inner conflicts and complexities that arise in relationships. The relatability of the lyrics allows listeners to connect on a deep emotional level, making it a poignant and thought-provoking piece.


“I Like U, But I Love Me” by MAXINE explores the struggle of balancing self-love and romantic relationships. The song encourages listeners to prioritize their own well-being and happiness before seeking validation from others. With its heartfelt lyrics and relatable themes, MAXINE reminds us of the importance of self-love and staying true to ourselves in all aspects of life.

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