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The Meaning Behind The Song: I BELONG by Jacob (THE BOYZ)

The Meaning Behind The Song: I BELONG by Jacob (THE BOYZ)


As a fan of Jacob from THE BOYZ, I couldn’t help but feel a deep connection to his solo track, “I BELONG”. Released on January 29, 2021, this song delves into the struggles of self-doubt, anxiety, and the quest for acceptance. Through heartfelt lyrics and a soulful melody, Jacob bares his vulnerability, allowing listeners to empathize and find solace in his words.

The Lyrics

In the first verse of “I BELONG,” Jacob expresses his inner turmoil. He confesses to having too much time on his hands but feeling restless and unable to find peace. He questions where he went wrong and admits to constantly overthinking. These lines capture the emotional turmoil many face when battling their own minds.

The second verse intensifies these feelings of despair and confusion. Jacob reveals his lack of belief in his own abilities and the fading spark within him. The music he once found solace in no longer makes sense to him. This realization adds to his struggle to find purpose and satisfaction.

The refrain signifies Jacob’s exhaustion from constantly trying to please others. He yearns for the simplicity and innocence of his younger self, who was unburdened by the need for approval. This sentiment resonates with anyone who feels overwhelmed by the pressure society puts on them to conform.

The pre-chorus offers a glimpse into the freedom of not worrying about insignificant matters. Jacob reflects on how oblivious he once was to the deeper issues that would later haunt him, longing for the days when he could be free from anxiety’s grip.

The chorus serves as a plea for someone to understand and validate him. He yearns for someone to affirm that he is in the right place, even if it means feeling small. This reveals the universal desire for acceptance and support, as it can help combat the loneliness that often accompanies self-doubt.

The third verse paints a picture of the relentless battle with intrusive thoughts. Jacob describes the early morning hours haunted by overthinking, resulting in a miserable day ahead. He questions the root of his problems and why they make no sense to him anymore.

The bridge showcases Jacob’s self-awareness, acknowledging the disconnect between the words he speaks and the thoughts that consume him. Although he initially aimed to help others, he realizes he is the one in need. This segment highlights the importance of reaching out for help and the strength that comes from admitting vulnerability.

The outro emphasizes the power of perspective. Jacob understands that he could easily dwell on negative thoughts, but to move forward, he must remember his purpose and the people he loves. He affirms his rightful place in the world, indicating a newfound sense of belonging.

Personal Connection

“I BELONG” struck a chord with me due to the relatability of its lyrics. Like Jacob, I have often found myself questioning my worth and competence. The pressures to meet societal standards and the fear of disappointing those around me can be overwhelming. This song reminded me that it’s okay to seek validation and support from others, as it can alleviate the heavy burden of self-doubt and loneliness.

In Conclusion

“I BELONG” by Jacob from THE BOYZ speaks to the universal experience of feeling lost, anxious, and in need of acceptance. It sheds light on the journey towards self-discovery and the search for a sense of belonging. Jacob’s vulnerability in sharing his struggles resonates with individuals who face similar challenges. This song serves as a reminder that we are not alone in our battles and that seeking support is a sign of strength.

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