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The Meaning Behind The Song: Hunnit Band by Malz Monday

The Meaning Behind The Song: Hunnit Band by Malz Monday


I am currently listening to the song “Hunnit Band” by Malz Monday and it has caught my attention with its catchy beat and captivating lyrics. As I immerse myself in the rhythm, I find myself wondering about the meaning behind the song and what message the artist is trying to convey. Join me as we dive deeper into the lyrics and explore the significance of “Hunnit Band” by Malz Monday.

The Catchy Chorus

The chorus of “Hunnit Band” repeats throughout the song, emphasizing the concept of resilience and determination. Malz Monday sings, “Hunnit band, hunnit band, hunnit band, Run to the check like I’m runnin’ man.” These lines portray a strong sense of ambition and a relentless pursuit of success. The repetition of the phrase “hunnit band” highlights the desire to achieve a hundred-thousand dollars, signifying financial prosperity.

Furthermore, the line “I am the number one stuntin’ man” adds an element of confidence and self-assuredness. By positioning himself as the top performer and someone who stands out from the crowd, Malz Monday asserts his dominance in the music industry.

The Struggles of Success

In the first verse, Malz Monday delves into the challenges and sacrifices he has faced in his pursuit of success. He compares his drive to the speed of world-renowned sprinter Usain Bolt, symbolizing his determination to reach his goals swiftly. The reference to “no brain” in relation to the top highlights his ability to achieve success effortlessly, indicating his exceptional talent and dedication.

Additionally, the line “I know these niggas be plottin’ and that’s why I keep a gun on me” reveals the artist’s awareness of potential threats and his need to protect himself. It speaks to the harsh realities of the music industry, where competition can be fierce and individuals may attempt to hinder one’s progress. Through these lyrics, Malz Monday expresses his willingness to defend his position and safeguard his success.

The Collaborative Rap Verse

In the second verse, UnoTheActivist joins Malz Monday to deliver a powerful rap section. UnoTheActivist’s lyrics touch upon themes of strength, independence, and empowering oneself. He raps about being unstoppable and not letting anything or anyone hold him back, symbolized by lines like “Never catch me slippin’ like a banana, bro” and “Bite down on Molly, I’m booted, I’m booted, I feel like an angel do.” These lines reflect his resilience and determination to rise above any obstacles.

Additionally, UnoTheActivist’s verses showcase his individuality and unique style. References to high-end fashion brands like Ksubis serve as a symbol of his elevated status and distinct taste. His lyrical flow and wordplay further highlight his artistic prowess, making the collaboration between Malz Monday and UnoTheActivist a standout aspect of the song.


“Hunnit Band” by Malz Monday is a song that encapsulates the struggles, aspirations, and resilience of individuals striving for success. The catchy chorus, combined with the powerful verses from both artists, creates an energetic and motivating track. The lyrics convey a sense of determination and self-assuredness, while also shedding light on the challenges faced along the way.

As I continue to listen to “Hunnit Band,” I appreciate the depth and meaning behind the lyrics, and how they capture the artist’s personal experiences and observations. It serves as a reminder that success often requires determination, resilience, and an unwavering dedication to one’s craft.

So, whether you’re listening to this song while working, playing a game, or watching a football match, “Hunnit Band” by Malz Monday can undoubtedly uplift your spirits and inspire you to chase your dreams relentlessly.

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