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The Meaning Behind The Song: HOT by SEVENTEEN (세븐틴)

The Meaning Behind The Song: HOT by SEVENTEEN (세븐틴)


As a DJ, I have had the pleasure of introducing many amazing songs to my audience. However, there are some songs that have a special place in my heart, and one of those songs is “HOT” by SEVENTEEN (세븐틴). I first heard this song on a recommendation from a friend, and I was instantly captivated by its unique blend of pop and hip-hop influences. In this article, I will delve into the meaning behind the lyrics of “HOT” and share my personal experiences with this incredible song.

The Lyrics

Let’s take a closer look at the lyrics of “HOT” by SEVENTEEN:

[Verse 1: Mingyu, Vernon, THE 8] 모두 우릴 쳐다봐 (봐)
태양 위를 달리는 마차 (계속 달려, oh)
Juicy, juicy, uh, juicy, juicy
총성이 울려 퍼진 다음 (Spicy한 feelin’)
태양을 마음에다 쏴 (I just wanna do this)
Uh, juicy, juicy

[Verse 2: WOOZI, Wonwoo, Jun] 음악 소리 크게 turn up (Ooh-ooh)
세상을 사정없이 달려 (Ooh-ooh)
태양을 뒤에 달고 밟아 경적 울려 우리답게 fire (우리답게)
뭘 따라가려 해 (뭘 따라가려 해)
우리 방식대로 더 더 (우리 방식대로 더 더)
Say ah, 뜨거워 뜨거워 뜨거워

[Pre-Chorus: DK, Joshua, Dino] 밤이 없는 낮 하늘은 붉은색
모든 세상에 빛은 하나인 듯해 (하나 된 듯이)
벅찬 심호흡과 리듬 과열 vibe
운명의 태양에 내일을 걸어봐
따라오라 go

[Chorus: S.COUPS, WOOZI, Jeonghan, Mingyu] 우리는 drop it like hot, hot, hot
Oh, 지금 feelin’ so hot
이 노래 burnin’ like hot, hot, hot, hot
우리는 drop it like hot, hot, hot
Oh, 지금 feelin’ so hot
Yeah, I’m runnin’ too hot, hot, hot, hot

The lyrics of “HOT” are filled with energy and confidence. It starts with the members expressing their determination to keep running forward, like a carriage racing under the sun. The song exudes a spicy and juicy feeling, with the members wanting to shoot the sun into their hearts. The second verse emphasizes the importance of staying true to their own path and doing things their own way. The pre-chorus talks about a world with no night, where the sky is red and the light is unified. It encourages the listeners to embrace the vibrant energy and rhythm of destiny and to bet on tomorrow. The chorus further emphasizes the hot and burning sensation that the song brings, urging everyone to drop it like hot and embrace the intense feelings.

Additional Information

“HOT” is a lead track from SEVENTEEN’s fourth full-length album, “Face the Sun” released in 2022. This album focuses on the theme of facing one’s fears and making brave choices for the future. The music video for “HOT” is a continuation of the storyline from the video of their previous single, “Darl+ing”. The video complements the song’s message by showcasing SEVENTEEN’s more mature identity and their goals as artists.

The song was written by a team of talented composers, including Alex Keem, SOFTSERVEBOY, Ploypaworawan Praison, August Rigo, BUMZU, and WOOZI. It features their signature blend of western guitar sounds and highlights the harmonious vocals of the members. The lyrics were written by Ploypaworawan Praison, August Rigo, BUMZU, and WOOZI. The song was mixed by Anchor and digitally edited by Jeong Eun Kyung.

In conclusion, “HOT” by SEVENTEEN is a powerful and energetic song that encapsulates the group’s journey as artists. It motivates listeners to embrace their own path, face their fears, and make courageous choices for the future. The song’s catchy melody, dynamic vocals, and meaningful lyrics make it a true masterpiece. So, turn up the volume, feel the heat, and drop it like hot!

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