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The Meaning Behind The Song: HIP by MAMAMOO

The Meaning Behind The Song: HIP by MAMAMOO


I am currently listening to the song “HIP” by MAMAMOO, and it never fails to get me pumped up and motivated. This energetic track from their 2nd full album, reality in BLACK, holds a deeper meaning that resonates with many people, especially women, who strive to be confident and empowered in a world that constantly tries to bring them down.

The Lyrics

The lyrics of “HIP” convey a strong message of self-assurance and resilience. The song starts with an intro by Hwasa, who confidently declares, “All I wanna be is 멋짐 (coolness), 내 마음대로 골라 (choose as I please).” These lines set the tone for the rest of the song, emphasizing the importance of staying true to oneself and embracing one’s individuality.

Solar takes over in the first verse, encouraging listeners to follow her lead and do things their own way. The lines “Do it, do it, like me do it, 나를 따라 해 (Hey, kick it)” empower listeners to embrace their own style and not be afraid to stand out. The repeated chants of “Hip, hip, hip, hip” reinforce the message that being hip is all about being confident and unique.

Wheein’s verse further emphasizes the importance of self-love and respect. She sings, “I love you 네가 뭐라든 간에 (No matter what you say), Respect you 네가 뭘 하든 간에 (No matter what you do).” These lines are a direct response to haters and critics, showing that MAMAMOO remains unfazed by negativity. The use of the words “늘 따끈따끈해 그 관심이 따끔따끔해” (always warm, your interest only stings a little) signifies their resilience and ability to rise above hate.

Moonbyul’s verse showcases her growth and success as an artist. She confidently proclaims, “이젠 모든 일이 가뿐해 Veteran, 성공을 썰어 먹어 마치 Michelin” (Now everything is easy, Veteran, I eat success like Michelin). These lines highlight her determination and hard work, proving that she has surpassed the challenges she faced in her journey to success.

The Music Video

The music video for “HIP” complements the song’s empowering message by showcasing each MAMAMOO member in different universes with diverse occupations. This visual representation symbolizes that anyone, regardless of their profession, can embody the essence of being “HIP.” It serves as a reminder that being confident and true to oneself is not limited to being in the entertainment industry.

Personal Reflections

As I listen to “HIP” while working, playing a game, or even watching a football match, I can’t help but feel a surge of confidence and motivation. The song’s catchy melodies and powerful lyrics remind me to embrace my own uniqueness and not let others dictate my choices or undermine my worth. “HIP” reinforces the idea that being true to oneself is the key to personal happiness and success.

In Conclusion

“HIP” by MAMAMOO is not just another catchy K-pop track; it holds a powerful message of empowerment and resilience. This song serves as a reminder to everyone, especially women, to embrace their individuality, rise above negativity, and confidently navigate through life. So, let’s kick-start our day with this empowering anthem and be “HIP” in everything we do.

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