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The Meaning Behind The Song: Hear Ye Him by No Malice

The Meaning Behind The Song: Hear Ye Him by No Malice


I first heard the song “Hear Ye Him” by No Malice on a summer afternoon, while I was browsing through some new music at a friend’s house. As soon as the beat dropped and the lyrics began, I was captivated by the raw honesty and introspection contained within the song. It made me ponder upon the deeper meaning behind the lyrics and how they related to the artist’s personal experiences.

The Hook and Fear

The hook of the song, “Hear Ye Him or hear Him not, You either fear me or fear me not, I know you see clearly, I’m coming for that spot, So, you need to fear me like I fear God,” is a powerful statement. It reflects No Malice’s determination and hunger for success, as well as the respect he demands from others. The notion of fear is fascinating here, as it can be interpreted in two ways – fear as in respect, or fear as in being intimidated. It also draws a parallel between fearing him and fearing God, emphasizing the importance of No Malice’s message.

Verse 1 – Battle with Guilt

In the first verse, No Malice delves into his personal struggles and past mistakes. He acknowledges his past involvement in illegal activities and his guilt as he reflects on the influence he had on others. The line, “My conscious is speaking kinda loud lately, Lord forgive me, I done killed my mama’s baby,” reveals the weight of his actions and his desire for redemption. The lyrics showcase his vulnerability and introspection, allowing listeners to connect with his journey towards self-improvement.

Verse 2 – Redemption and Growth

Moving into the second verse, No Malice explores the theme of salvation and the transformation he desires. He acknowledges that the message of the Gospel may seem foolish to those who are blind to the truth. He takes responsibility for his past actions and expresses his desire to see others succeed, while also acknowledging the pain he has caused to loved ones. The line, “For way lesser, I seen my mama leave my daddy, So, I gladly accept the fact you know I try,” depicts the impact of his choices on his relationships and the importance of forgiveness.

The Album: Hear Ye Him

The song “Hear Ye Him” is also the title track of No Malice’s debut solo album, released in 2013. The album explores themes of redemption, faith, and personal growth. No Malice uses his music as a platform to share his journey and provide insight into his experiences.


“Hear Ye Him” by No Malice is a powerful and introspective song that explores themes of redemption, guilt, and personal growth. Through his honest lyrics, No Malice invites listeners to reflect on their own actions and choices, and the impact they have on themselves and others. The song serves as a reminder of the importance of self-reflection, forgiveness, and the pursuit of personal growth.

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