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The Meaning Behind The Song: Healthy by VI Seconds

The Meaning Behind The Song: Healthy by VI Seconds


I first heard this song when it randomly played on my music playlist. I remember being captivated by the lyrics and the raw emotions conveyed by VI Seconds. The song, titled “Healthy,” is the final track on his album “Never Knows Best.” It delves into his personal journey of self-reflection and growth after a destructive relationship. VI Seconds takes us through his process of transformation and ultimately finding contentment and love within himself.

Verse 1: A Painful Departure

The song begins with VI Seconds speaking about putting his broken pieces back together after being hurt by someone he deeply cared for. He reflects on the departure from this relationship, expressing his hatred for the damage it caused. He questions himself for allowing someone to play with his heart, yet acknowledges the growth he experienced as a result. The pain from this experience lingers, but he finds solace in the fact that it no longer stings.

Hook: A Declaration of Health

The chorus serves as a declaration of his newfound state of well-being. When asked about how he’s doing or observed in the way he carries himself, he confidently proclaims that he is healthy. This is evident in his clear skin, diamonds dancing in the mirror, and the positive energy exuded in his selfies. VI Seconds emphasizes that his health encompasses both his physical appearance and his emotional state.

Verse 2: Finding Himself

In the second verse, VI Seconds elaborates on his journey of self-discovery. He acknowledges that he had to go through a period of loss and despair to eventually find his true self. He went from wanting to die to actively pursuing a better life. He highlights his independence and drive, emphasizing that he doesn’t need to rely on anyone else. VI Seconds now lives authentically, refusing to hide or compromise himself for anyone else’s benefit.


VI Seconds’ song “Healthy” is a powerful and personal testament to his growth and resilience. It serves as a reminder that even through heartbreak and pain, there is always a chance for healing and self-love. The lyrics beautifully portray his transformation from a place of darkness to one of self-acceptance and happiness. “Healthy” is an anthem for anyone who has experienced hardships but refuses to let it define their future.

As I listen to this song repeatedly, it resonates deeply with my own experiences. I relate to the emotions and the journey from healing to self-love. It serves as a reminder that despite life’s challenges, we have the power to emerge stronger and healthier. VI Seconds’ lyrical prowess and authentic storytelling make “Healthy” a song that truly leaves an impact on its listeners.

Album title: Never Knows Best

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