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The Meaning Behind The Song: Happier (Stripped) by Marshmello & Bastille

The Meaning Behind The Song: Happier (Stripped) by Marshmello & Bastille

As a music teacher, I am constantly on the lookout for new songs to share with my students. One day, while browsing through a friend’s playlist, I stumbled upon the song “Happier (Stripped)” by Marshmello & Bastille. From the very first listen, I was captivated by its haunting melody and introspective lyrics.

The song opens with the lines, “When the morning comes, when we see what we’ve become. In the cold light of day, we’re a flame in the wind, not the fire that we’ve begun.” These lyrics immediately struck a chord with me. They depict the realization that sometimes relationships can fizzle out, and what once was a passionate flame can diminish into something much smaller.

The chorus further delves into the emotional turmoil of the narrator, expressing their desire to change their mind and make things right. They yearn to raise the other person’s spirits and see them smile, but they understand that in doing so, they may have to leave. This internal struggle is beautifully conveyed through the lyrics, “I wanna raise your spirits, I want to see you smile but, know that means I’ll have to leave.”

The stripped-down version of the song amplifies the raw and vulnerable emotions conveyed by the lyrics. The minimalist instrumentation allows the listener to focus on the heartfelt vocals and the depth of the song’s message. The somber tone of the melody perfectly captures the bittersweet essence of the lyrics.

Reflecting on my own personal experiences, I can’t help but relate to the sentiments expressed in “Happier (Stripped).” There have been times in my life when I had to make difficult decisions for the sake of someone else’s happiness, even though it meant sacrificing my own. The song serves as a reminder that sometimes, the most selfless act we can do is to let go and allow the other person to find their own happiness.

The collaboration between Marshmello and Bastille brings a unique blend of EDM and alternative pop to this heartfelt track. The lyrics, penned by Dan Smith, Marshmello, and Steve Mac, showcase their talent for crafting emotionally resonant songs. The vocals provided by Bastille’s lead singer, Dan Smith, are filled with raw emotion and vulnerability, further enhancing the impact of the lyrics.

Released on November 9, 2018, “Happier (Stripped)” quickly gained popularity and received critical acclaim. It showcases the versatility of Marshmello as a producer and highlights Bastille’s ability to infuse their characteristic sound into different genres. The seamless collaboration between the two artists creates a beautiful and introspective musical experience.

In conclusion, “Happier (Stripped)” by Marshmello & Bastille is a song that delves into the complexities of relationships and the sacrifices we make for the happiness of others. Its introspective lyrics, paired with the stripped-down arrangement, create an emotionally charged and thought-provoking musical experience. As a music teacher, I highly recommend this song not only for its musicality but also for its lyrical depth, a reminder that sometimes letting go is the ultimate act of love.

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