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The Meaning Behind The Song: Hand To Mouth by James Arthur

The Meaning Behind The Song: Hand To Mouth by James Arthur

As an avid fan of James Arthur, I can confidently say that “Hand To Mouth” is one of his most powerful songs. It’s a track filled with raw emotions, clever wordplay, and thought-provoking lyrics. In this article, we will delve into the meaning behind this mesmerizing song.

Struggling to Be Heard

The opening lines of the song, “They told me not to speak, so I’ll be quiet,” immediately grab your attention. It depicts a person silenced and not allowed to voice their thoughts and emotions. This could represent a personal struggle to express oneself or a broader commentary on society’s tendency to suppress individual voices.

Arthur then sings, “I’ve been picking out my brains, trying to figure what I’m missing. I’ve been changing all these songs because I know they wouldn’t listen.” These lines capture the frustration of feeling unheard and overlooked. The artist’s dedication to his craft, despite facing constant rejection, demonstrates his unwavering determination.

A Battle with Self-Belief

The song goes on to explore more personal struggles, touching on themes like insecurity and lack of self-belief. Arthur sings, “To my hopes, to my fears, to my grinding teeth, to my ruthless heart, to my lack of self-belief.” These lyrics expose the inner turmoil the artist faces within himself, battling his own demons and insecurities.

Arthur uses vivid imagery to portray his desperation, singing, “To me screaming at the floor, begging swallow me up.” This line signifies the overwhelming emotions that can consume a person who feels trapped in their own self-doubt. However, he also finds a glimmer of hope in “a voice that keeps on pulling me up,” showcasing his resilience and ability to persevere.

Defying Expectations

The chorus of the song has a triumphant tone, empowering listeners to rise above adversity. The lyrics, “They used to call me Rafferty, but now they’re calling me King,” highlight a transformation from being unrecognized and unnoticed to achieving success and recognition.

Arthur emphasizes his newfound confidence with the repetition of “They’re calling me King.” This repetition indicates a personal journey of self-discovery and acceptance, no longer letting others define his worth.

Personal Connection

As someone who has experienced moments of self-doubt and struggled with being heard, “Hand To Mouth” resonates deeply with me. This song serves as a reminder that even during our darkest times, we have the strength within us to overcome obstacles and prove our worth. It inspires me to push forward, regardless of the challenges I may face.

Overall, “Hand To Mouth” by James Arthur is a powerful anthem that encourages listeners to embrace their true selves and rise above adversity. The song’s meaningful lyrics, coupled with Arthur’s impassioned vocal delivery, make it a standout track in his discography.

This article referenced the lyrics from James Arthur’s song “Hand To Mouth” from his album “All The World’s A Stage – Mixtape” released in 2014.

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