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The Meaning Behind The Song: Halfway House by Jaey Kilo

The Meaning Behind The Song: Halfway House by Jaey Kilo


Music has a special way of connecting with our emotions and allowing us to relate to the experiences and stories shared through lyrics. One song that has deeply resonated with me is “Halfway House” by Jaey Kilo. In this article, I will delve into the meaning behind the song and share some personal experiences that make it all the more powerful.


[Intro] Some folks got a lot around them, that shine for other people’s
I think maybe some of them was in a tunnel
And in that tunnel maybe the only light they had was inside of them (I’ve thought about how strong you’ve had to be)
And then, even long after they escape that tunnel, (I’ll be cleaning up, okay ?)
They still shining for everybody else
(Surpass on the beat, ask about me)
That’s Miss Rain to me
In a book I read, this lady escaped to a Halfway House
And when she was there, she asked the people there what a Halfway House was
And they told her, it was halfway between her old life, and where she want to be

[Verse] Daddy was a beast, growing up
He was abusive
Overprotective, so if he say it you better do it
Drugs didn’t catch her eye, but she low so she going to use it
She just want to forget, she ain’t thinking of sticking to it
It started off small, just a random pill here and there
But times was getting harder, for her to even repair
The struggles getting worser, and life was being unfair
Got pregnant as a minor, she ready to have a heir
But daddy told her “No, you too young, you’ll look like a ho”
“Go terminate the baby”, she found it at week 4
“A baby having babies, you ‘posed to have it when old”
She shiver feeling cold, while looking out at the snow
At 30 in the USA, she living in New York
She married into wealth, because her husband played a sport
He playing College Ball, no he ain’t playing ball court
He smile for the cameras, but at home his temper short
Carroll always cooked, but he beat her if she ain’t clean
Pussy ass nigga on steroids, turned a fiend
He beat her till she blue, and then went and gave her some green
She just wanted to work, be a nurse, and pursue her dream
She pregnant once again, now what will she go tell her man ?
She guess that she’ll be honest, and try to figure a plan
He ain’t wan’ have a kid, be a father ? rather be dammed

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