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The Meaning Behind The Song: Hair Scare by Masaya Matsuura & Yoshihisa Suzuki

The Meaning Behind The Song: Hair Scare by Masaya Matsuura & Yoshihisa Suzuki

As a fan of the iconic video game, Parappa the Rapper, I am always captivated by the catchy tunes and memorable lyrics that the game offers. One of my favorite songs from the series is “Hair Scare” by Masaya Matsuura & Yoshihisa Suzuki. The lively beat and energetic vocals make it impossible not to groove along while listening. Whether you’re a fan of Parappa the Rapper or simply enjoy upbeat rap songs, “Hair Scare” is sure to get you on your feet.

The Lyrics

The lyrics of “Hair Scare” revolve around the character Hairdresser Octopus, a charismatic and skilled hairstylist featured in the game. The song serves as a lesson on different hair cutting techniques, with Hairdresser Octopus guiding the listener through the process. The chorus repeats various phrases related to cutting, trimming, shaving, and dyeing hair, emphasizing the hairstylist’s expertise and versatility. Through a series of lessons, the song aims to teach players the fundamentals of hairstyling in a fun and catchy way.

The catchy chorus goes like this:

“Snip snip (Snip snip)
Trim trim (Trim trim)
Cut cut (Cut cut)
Shave shave (Shave shave)”

The song also features interludes from Hairdresser Octopus, where he expresses his passion and dedication to his craft. These moments add depth to his character and highlight his commitment to providing the best hairstyles for his customers.

The Commentary

“Hair Scare” showcases the creativity and quirkiness that has made Parappa the Rapper a beloved video game series. It combines fun and catchy music with gameplay elements, ensuring an immersive and enjoyable experience for players. The song’s lyrics may seem simple, but they effectively capture the essence of Hairdresser Octopus’ character and highlight his skills and enthusiasm for his work.

The upbeat tempo and vibrant vocals contribute to the overall energy of the song, making it an instant favorite among Parappa the Rapper fans. Additionally, the blending of rap and gaming elements adds a unique touch to the song, creating a memorable and enjoyable listening experience.

“Hair Scare” is part of the soundtrack for Parappa the Rapper 2, released in 2001, and was written and arranged by Masaya Matsuura. The vocals are provided by Freedom Bremner and Dred Foxx, adding their own flair to the song’s infectious melody.

In conclusion, “Hair Scare” is not just a fun rap song, but also a testament to the creativity and innovation of the Parappa the Rapper series. Its catchy lyrics, lively beat, and energetic vocals make it an enjoyable listen for fans of the game and rap music alike. So, whether you’re a Parappa the Rapper enthusiast or simply looking for a lively tune, give “Hair Scare” a listen and let the infectious rhythm take you on a memorable musical journey.

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