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The Meaning Behind The Song: Get Paid by NBHD Nick

The Meaning Behind The Song: “Get Paid” by NBHD Nick


As a Music Technician, I always find myself captivated by songs that not only have a catchy beat but also carry a meaningful message. One such song that has recently caught my attention is “Get Paid” by NBHD Nick. I first stumbled upon this song at a friend’s house and instantly found myself hooked. The captivating lyrics and the artist’s unique delivery piqued my interest, prompting me to delve deeper into the meaning behind this track.

The Lyrics

Let’s take a closer look at the lyrics of “Get Paid” to unravel the messages and emotions embedded within the song:

“Get paid lil shorty get paid, Hundred thousand in the safe, couple thousand in the jeans”

These lines reflect a hustler’s mentality, urging the listener to work hard and reap the rewards of their efforts. The artist emphasizes the importance of financial stability and success, symbolized by having a significant sum of money saved and readily available.

“Favorite color, money green, I been on my grind since I was in the seventh grade”

The reference to “money green” as the artist’s favorite color showcases a deep-rooted ambition for financial prosperity. NBHD Nick shares his journey of hard work, starting from a young age, highlighting his dedication to success and making money.

The artist then takes us through his personal life experiences:

“Had my first kid I was only seventeen, Always a provider for my pack like wolverines”

NBHD Nick reveals the hardships he faced, becoming a parent at a young age, and taking on the responsibility of providing for his family. The comparison to wolverines, known for their fierce protection, signifies his commitment to being a dependable and reliable figure.

“But you won’t find me on a mountain top, Need no calculator I can weigh it cause I count a lot, Always on my job around that paper like I’m Michael Scott”

In these lines, the artist humbly acknowledges his dedication to his craft. He chooses not to boast about his achievements but instead focuses on his relentless work ethic. The reference to Michael Scott from the popular sitcom “The Office” adds a touch of humor while further emphasizing his commitment to success.

“Your boyfriend a Dwight he wants my spot, he’s always ‘round a lot”

By mentioning the character Dwight from “The Office,” NBHD Nick playfully suggests that someone may be envious of his position or success. This line highlights the artist’s awareness of others’ attempts to imitate his journey and success.

The Meaning

“Get Paid” is a song that encapsulates the ambition and determination necessary to achieve financial stability and success. NBHD Nick portrays himself as a hardworking individual who has faced and overcome challenges throughout his journey. The song serves as a motivational anthem, reminding listeners to stay dedicated to their goals and never lose sight of their pursuit of success.

The repetition of the phrase “Get paid lil shorty get paid” throughout the song emphasizes the importance of financial empowerment and serves as a mantra to encourage listeners to keep striving for greatness.


“Get Paid” by NBHD Nick is a powerful and motivational track that resonates with anyone pursuing their dreams. Through his lyrics, the artist shares his personal experiences, encouraging listeners to work diligently and achieve financial success. The song serves as a reminder to stay focused and determined in our efforts to “get paid” in various aspects of life.

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