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The Meaning Behind The Song: Get Along Home Cindy by Mark Kozelek

The Meaning Behind The Song: Get Along Home Cindy by Mark Kozelek


I am currently listening to the song “Get Along Home Cindy” by Mark Kozelek. This song holds a special place in my heart as it reminds me of lazy summer evenings spent with loved ones. Today, I want to delve into the meaning behind the song lyrics and explore the emotions it evokes.

The Lyrics: A Sweet Southern Love Story

The song begins with the introduction of the protagonist’s beloved, Cindy, who resides in the South. The lyrics paint a picture of her charm and sweetness, comparing her to a magnet for bees with her irresistibility. It sets the tone for an endearing love story with a Southern touch.

The chorus repeats the phrase “Get along home, Cindy” with the promise of marriage someday. It reflects the desire of the protagonist to build a life and future together with Cindy, showcasing a long-lasting commitment.

In the following verse, the affection between the couple is highlighted. Cindy’s endearing nickname, “sugar plum,” further emphasizes their closeness. The mention of apple butter signifies the comforts of home and how they find solace in each other’s company.

A Musical Affair

As the song progresses, the narrative takes an amusing turn. Cindy, who was previously religious, finds her faith swayed upon hearing the protagonist’s banjo playing. The upbeat rhythm and playful banjo tunes seemingly captivate Cindy’s heart, making her the first to groove to the music. This verse adds a light-hearted touch to the song, emphasizing the joy and connection music can bring to one’s life.

Unconventional Glory

The final verse introduces a slightly unexpected twist. Cindy attends a religious gathering and becomes not only touched but overwhelmingly full of glory. So much so, that she accidentally knocks down the preacher. This event illustrates the power of spirituality and the transformative impact it can have on a person’s life.

Mark Kozelek’s Version

“Get Along Home Cindy” was featured on Mark Kozelek’s album titled “Mark Kozelek Sings Favorites” in 2016. Known for his soulful delivery and ability to bring depth to any song he covers, Kozelek’s rendition of this traditional folk tune does not disappoint. He adds his unique touch to the song, infusing it with emotion and authenticity.


“Get Along Home Cindy” is a delightful folk song that tells a heartwarming tale of love, faith, and the power of music. Through its lyrics, we are transported to a simpler time, where love blossomed and relationships were built on genuine connections. Whether you’re a fan of folk music or not, this song captures the essence of human emotions and the universal desire for companionship and happiness. So, next time you come across “Get Along Home Cindy,” take a moment to appreciate its beauty and the meaningful stories it tells.

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