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The Meaning Behind The Song: Georgia-Lina by James Brown

The Meaning Behind The Song: Georgia-Lina by James Brown


As a long-time fan of James Brown, I have always been captivated by his ability to infuse powerful emotions into his music. One song that has always resonated with me is “Georgia-Lina.” This soulful ballad not only showcases Brown’s exceptional vocal range but also delves into the deep connection he felt towards his birthplace, Georgia, and his home away from home, Carolina. In this article, we will explore the meaning behind the lyrics of “Georgia-Lina.”

The Lyrics:

I’ve seen days when the sun didn’t shine
Raised in Georgia, born in Caroline
Carolina fields and Georgia Peach
People were hungry, had nothing to eat

The opening lines of the song reflect the struggles that Brown witnessed while growing up in Georgia and Carolina. The reference to the sun not shining represents the tough times and hardships faced by those living in poverty. James Brown’s upbringing in these states shaped his perspective on life and influenced his music.

I’m a Georgia-Lina (Georgia-Lina)
I was raised in Georgia, born in Carolina
I’m a Georgia-Lina (Georgia-Lina)
My heart’s in two places at the same time
Georgia, Carolina

Through these lines, Brown unapologetically declares his dual identity as a “Georgia-Lina.” He acknowledges that his heart lies in both Georgia and Carolina—a testament to the deep emotional connection he felt towards these places. The pride he holds for his dual heritage is evident, as he embraces the unique culture and experiences of both states.

Ooh… I found love, and I found hate
Got up early, stayed up late
Worked real hard, I paid my dues
Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose

Here, the song takes a introspective turn, delving into Brown’s personal journey of love and struggle. The lyrics convey a sense of perseverance and resilience, with Brown acknowledging the hard work and sacrifices he made to achieve success. It is a reminder that life is a mix of victories and setbacks, and Brown’s experiences inform his deep connection to Georgia and Carolina.

I’m a Georgia-Lina
Still love you (Georgia-Lina)
I’ve tasted the salt on both sides of the line
Georgia-Lina (Georgia-Lina)
So my heart’s in two places at the same time
Georgia-Carolina, uh-huh

In this verse, Brown reaffirms his love for both Georgia and Carolina, emphasizing his ability to empathize with the struggles of people from both states. By stating that he has “tasted the salt on both sides of the line,” Brown suggests that he has experienced the ups and downs of life in both places. His heart’s presence in two places simultaneously serves as a testament to the lasting impact these states had on him.

I’ve had peaches, and I’ve had cream
Found a home in Aiken, and it satisfied my dream
I remember growin’ up, tryin’ to become a man
Found a place in Augusta, then I had my shoe-shine stand

These lines reflect Brown’s nostalgic recollection of his past experiences and milestones in Georgia and Carolina. The references to peaches and cream symbolize the sweet moments he enjoyed, while finding a home in Aiken fulfilled his dreams. The mention of Augusta, his hometown, and his shoe-shine stand is a heartfelt reminder of the journey that led him to his eventual success.

The Personal Connection:

Personally, this song resonates deeply with me because of my own experiences growing up in a place with dual identities. Like James Brown, I have felt the tug of loyalty towards two distinct places and the challenges that come with balancing my heart’s affection for both. It is through this shared understanding that I find solace and connection with the lyrics and emotions conveyed in “Georgia-Lina.”


“Georgia-Lina” by James Brown is a powerful testament to the artist’s deep-rooted connection and love for both Georgia and Carolina. The lyrics not only portray his personal experiences but also evoke a sense of nostalgia and pride in his dual heritage. Through his heartfelt vocals, James Brown invites us to appreciate the unique blend of culture and emotions fostered in these two states. “Georgia-Lina” serves as a timeless reminder of the importance of embracing one’s roots and cherishing the places that shaped us into who we are.

*Information about the song:*

– Album title: Universal James (1992)
– Produced By James Brown & Charles Sherrell
– Written By James Brown & Charles Sherrell
– Background Vocals Martha High-Marvin, Lisa Rushton, Alisa Anderson & Cynthia Moore
– Engineered By Howard Lovett
– Arranged By James Brown
– Recorded At Studio South, Augusta, GA
– Release Date 1992

R&B, Ballad, Soul

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