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The Meaning Behind The Song: Genetic For Terror by Jamal

The Meaning Behind The Song: Genetic For Terror by Jamal


When it comes to impactful and thought-provoking music, there are certain songs that can leave a lasting impression on listeners. “Genetic For Terror” by Jamal is one such song that delves into the inner workings of the artist’s mind and explores themes of violence, resilience, and lyrical prowess. As a fan of hip-hop, this song has resonated with me on various levels, prompting me to explore its deeper meaning.

The Lyrics

Jamal, along with fellow rappers Keith Murray and 50 Grand, lyrically create a vivid and intense depiction of their artistry and their place within the hip-hop scene. The song is filled with powerful imagery and boasts of their skills as emcees. It highlights their ability to create metaphoric lines that captivate the listener’s attention effortlessly.

The lyrics also touch upon themes of aggression and domination, with lines like “Fuck with Mally G and get a hole in your chest” and “I take a fake ass nigga and toast his ass.” These lyrics showcase a combative nature, emphasizing their determination to establish themselves as dominant forces in the rap industry.

Furthermore, the lyrics also delve into the ruthlessness and intensity of their style, with lines like “I come from the deep side, with Def Squad in the basement” and “Kel stay on course.” These verses depict their commitment to their craft and their refusal to compromise or tone down their lyrical prowess.

Additional Information

“Genetic For Terror” is a track off Jamal’s album titled “Last Chance, No Breaks,” released in 1995. The album features Jamal alongside other members of Def Squad, including Keith Murray and Redman. The record showcases their unique and impactful styles, with each artist bringing their own distinct flavor to the table.

The song was recorded at Firehouse Studio in NYC, with engineering by Nolan “Dr. No” Moffitte. It was released under the executive production of Dallas Austin.


– Written By: Rockwilder, Kel-Vicious, L.O.D. (50 Grand, Keith Murray, Erick Sermon, Jamal & Redman)
– Engineer: Nolan “Dr. No” Moffitte
– Executive Producer: Dallas Austin

The song also samples “The Boogie Man” by The Jackson 5, adding a nostalgic touch to their modern sound.

Personal Reflection

As a listener, “Genetic For Terror” has always captivated me with its raw energy and hard-hitting lyrics. The song serves as a reminder of the immense talent within the hip-hop genre and the sheer dedication required to master the craft. It showcases the importance of wordplay, metaphors, and vivid imagery in making a lasting impact on listeners.

Moreover, the song’s aggressive and unapologetic nature allows listeners to tap into their own inner strength and resilience. It has motivated me to stand firm in pursuing my own passions and ambitions, refusing to be deterred by obstacles along the way. “Genetic For Terror” serves as a musical inspiration that reminds me of the power of self-expression and the need to push boundaries.

In conclusion, “Genetic For Terror” by Jamal is a song that not only showcases the lyrical prowess of its artists but also delves into the themes of dominance, resilience, and determination within the hip-hop genre. The track’s aggressive nature and impactful lyrics make it a standout in the genre’s history, leaving a lasting impression on listeners like myself.

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