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The Meaning Behind The Song: Furious by Jade Bird

The Meaning Behind The Song: Furious by Jade Bird


As a music enthusiast, I’ve always been fascinated by the emotions and stories behind the songs we listen to. “Furious” by Jade Bird is one such song that struck a deep chord with me. Its raw lyrics and captivating melody drew me in, making it an essential part of my playlist. In this article, I’ll delve into the meaning behind the powerful song, “Furious.”

The Lyrics

Jade Bird’s “Furious” explores the intense emotions one experiences after discovering betrayal in a relationship. The lyrics vividly depict the pain and anger that consume the protagonist:

[Verse 1]Did you make up your mind?
When did you decide to let me down?
When was the turning point?
When you put out your joint and you laid her down
She’d take off your tie
With a smile, on knees
I bet she looked pleased with herself

[Chorus]And I’m furious
My whole body shakes
I’m furious
My mind slips away
How could you do this?
After everything
I’m furious

[Verse 2]Did you take off your ring?
So the lady wouldn’t look at you as you checked in
And after waiting there on the bed
Did everything I said sink in?
Or did you just ignore?
All that came before
That pretty little thing had you caught

The Theme

The central theme of “Furious” revolves around the overpowering feeling of betrayal. The protagonist expresses their intense fury towards their partner who has broken their trust and disregarded their relationship. The lyrics highlight the emotional rollercoaster experienced by the protagonist, from shock and pain to anger and disbelief.

Personal Connection

Listening to “Furious” brought back memories of a time when I felt the same intense emotions after discovering an act of betrayal in my own life. The rawness in Jade Bird’s voice resonated with my own anger and hurt. This song became an anthem of empowerment and allowed me to channel my emotions into something constructive. It reminded me that I wasn’t alone in feeling this way and that it was okay to be furious.

The Bridge and Conclusion

The bridge in the song provides additional insight into the complex emotions surrounding the betrayal. Jade Bird compares the protagonist’s partner to a fish caught in a net, highlighting the manipulative nature of their actions. The lyrics reveal the protagonist’s disbelief at falling for the partner’s alibis.

Overall, “Furious” by Jade Bird captures the essence of betrayal and the subsequent fury that engulfs one’s being. The lyrics and melody combine to create a powerful song that resonates with anyone who has experienced the pain of broken trust.

About the Album

Jade Bird’s “Furious” is part of her self-titled debut album, “Jade Bird,” released on May 25, 2018. The album features a collection of emotionally charged and thought-provoking songs that showcase Jade Bird’s raw talent.


Release Date: May 25, 2018

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