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The Meaning Behind The Song: Friends With My Sister by Now, Now

The Meaning Behind The Song: “Friends With My Sister” by Now, Now

As a Music Technician, I have always been fascinated by the stories and emotions behind the songs we listen to. Today, I want to delve deeper into the meaning behind the song “Friends With My Sister” by Now, Now. This song, with its raw and honest lyrics, offers a glimpse into a deeply personal and relatable experience.

When I first heard this song, I remember stumbling upon it at a friend’s house. As the melodic tune played through the speakers, I found myself captivated by the hauntingly beautiful vocals and the vulnerability of the lyrics. It was one of those moments where a song resonates with you on a profound level.

“Friends With My Sister” tells the story of someone who is dealing with their lover’s mother discovering their sexuality. The lyrics paint a picture of secrecy, fear, and the desire to protect and support their partner through this difficult time.

“When your mother found it out
She took the phones out of the house
For now and for a while

The first verse sets the scene, describing the moment when the narrator’s lover’s mother discovers their secret. The action of taking the phones out of the house suggests a strict response that is meant to isolate and control them.

“And I’ve been sleeping on the couch
Until you’d call to wake me up
But not now, not now
Not now, no not now”

In the next lines, the narrator reveals the toll this situation has taken on their relationship. Sleeping on the couch symbolizes the separation caused by the mother’s disapproval. The longing to be together is evident in the desperate hope to receive a call, a lifeline that temporarily brings them back together.

“You’d take the time to write it out
But I will be the last one to find out
To find out”

The third verse illustrates the secrecy surrounding their relationship. Though their lover takes the time to communicate their thoughts and feelings, the narrator acknowledges that they are always the last one to find out, kept in the dark about the full extent of their struggles.

“But when we drive out of this town
You can tell your friends about this now
Because you have
But I won’t say a thing”

Finally, the chorus suggests a glimmer of hope. The prospect of leaving town represents a fresh start, a chance to be open and honest about their relationship. The lover can now share their story with their friends, and the narrator stands by silently, letting their partner dictate the timeline and boundaries for sharing their truth.

The emotions depicted in “Friends With My Sister” are profound and relatable. This song captures the complexities and challenges faced by individuals hiding their true selves due to societal pressures and fear. It speaks to the unwavering support and love that can exist in even the most trying circumstances.

Now, Now’s “Friends With My Sister” is a reminder that music has the power to give voice to experiences that may otherwise be silenced. It serves as an anthem to those struggling with their own identities and showcases the strength and resilience that can be found when facing adversity.

As a Music Technician, I am continually inspired by songs like this that touch the core of our humanity. “Friends With My Sister” reminds us to be empathetic, kind, and understanding, while also celebrating the power of music to connect us through our shared experiences.

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