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The Meaning Behind The Song: Fresh Cash by Mavado

The Meaning Behind The Song: Fresh Cash by Mavado


As an avid fan of dancehall music, I recently came across the song “Fresh Cash” by Mavado, and it immediately caught my attention. The catchy beats and infectious rhythm compelled me to delve deeper into the lyrics and uncover the meaning and message behind this popular track.

Song Lyrics

The song begins with the lyrics, “Still a count old money and me no draw fi no new money yet, When you make a dollar you fi spin it, You fi turn it around and spin it.” These lines express the importance of utilizing your earnings wisely and not just relying on new sources of income. Mavado emphasizes the need to make the most of what you already have.

The chorus repeats the phrase “Fresh cash” multiple times, further emphasizing the focus on newfound wealth. This serves to create a sense of fulfillment as the artist states, “As mi Friday gone, mi Friday come back.” Here, Mavado depicts the cycle of earning and spending money, implying that he is always making fresh cash and is never out of funds.

Additional Information

“Fresh Cash” is a track from Mavado’s album “The Hit List Vol. 6: Deluxe,” released by Zojak Worldwide Distributions on April 10, 2017. This dancehall artist has gained significant recognition for his distinctive style and impactful lyrics.

Personal Experience

As I listen to this song while working, I can’t help but feel motivated and driven to pursue success in my own life. The lyrics resonate with me, as they encourage individuals to make the most of their earnings and embrace every opportunity to accumulate wealth. Mavado’s energetic delivery further amplifies the song’s impact, making it an ideal companion for various activities such as playing a game, watching a sports match, or engaging in intense physical exercise.


“Fresh Cash” by Mavado is a captivating dancehall track that explores the theme of money and its impact on our lives. Through its lyrics, the song conveys the importance of utilizing our earnings wisely and making the most of what we have. It serves as a reminder to embrace the opportunities that present themselves and to constantly strive for success. So, whether you’re listening to this song while working or engaging in recreational activities, let its infectious beats guide you towards a mindset of growth and prosperity.

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