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The Meaning Behind The Song: Fling Wide (Live) by Misty Edwards

The Meaning Behind The Song: Fling Wide (Live) by Misty Edwards

My Personal Connection to Fling Wide

As a music teacher, I am constantly on the lookout for new songs to introduce to my students. I remember stumbling upon the song “Fling Wide (Live)” by Misty Edwards a few years ago while browsing through a friend’s music collection. From the moment I pressed play, I was captivated by its raw emotion and powerful message.

The Lyrics and Their Interpretation

The lyrics of “Fling Wide (Live)” carry a deeper meaning that resonates with anyone who has ever desired to surrender themselves completely to a higher power. The song begins with an instrumental intro, setting the mood for what is to come.

The first verse speaks of awakening the winds, both from the north and the south. This represents a call to the winds of testing and refreshing to blow over the singer. It is a plea for the challenges and trials of life to come, as they refine and shape our character.

The pre-chorus repeats the phrase “Let the winds blow,” emphasizing the willingness to embrace whatever comes our way. It is a reminder that growth often occurs during times of difficulty, and it is through these trials that we are strengthened.

The chorus urges the listener to “fling wide the door to [their] soul” and “open up the door to [their] heart.” It is an invitation to surrender oneself completely, allowing the divine to have control and guidance in their life. It is a plea to have God’s way in their heart and soul.

In the second verse, the singer declares that they will not be afraid to face the wind or embrace the flame. This shows a boldness and determination to walk through the challenges that life presents, knowing that they will come out stronger on the other side.

The bridge takes the song even deeper, inviting the divine to take the listener through the fire, rain, and testing. It is a declaration that they are willing to endure anything, knowing that it is through these refining moments that they are purified, just like gold.

The Power of Surrender

“Fling Wide (Live)” holds a special place in my heart because it reminds me of the importance of surrendering oneself completely to a higher power. In my own life, I have faced numerous obstacles and challenges, and it is during those moments of surrender that I have experienced the greatest growth and transformation.

This song serves as a powerful reminder to always be open and receptive to the winds of testing and refreshing. It encourages me to face challenges head-on and embrace the refining process, knowing that it will lead to a stronger and more resilient version of myself.

About the Album and Songwriters

“Fling Wide (Live)” is a track from Misty Edwards’ live album titled “Fling Wide (Live),” released on December 28, 2009. The song was written by Nathan Prior, Brandon Hampton, and Misty Edwards herself.

Nathan Prior and Brandon Hampton are known for their contributions to the Christian music industry, while Misty Edwards is a well-known worship leader and songwriter. Together, they created a song that continues to impact listeners with its heartfelt lyrics and powerful melodies.

In conclusion, “Fling Wide (Live)” by Misty Edwards carries a profound message of surrender and trust in a higher power. Its lyrics, urging the listener to fling wide the doors of their soul and open up to divine guidance, resonate deeply with those who understand the power of surrender. This song serves as a reminder to embrace challenges and trials, knowing that they ultimately lead to growth and transformation.

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