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The Meaning Behind The Song: First Date Sex by Mike Posner

The Meaning Behind The Song: “First Date Sex” by Mike Posner


I am listening to the song “First Date Sex” by Mike Posner as I sit down to write this article. This song, with its catchy melody and provocative lyrics, has always caught my attention. It’s the kind of track that makes you stop and listen, encouraging contemplation about its message and meaning.

A Daring Take on First Dates

At first glance, “First Date Sex” may seem like a controversial and audacious title for a song. However, the lyrics offer a refreshing and honest take on modern dating and relationships. In the song, Posner talks openly about his intentions and desires during a first date, acknowledging the pressure societal norms can place on individuals.

Posner addresses the awkwardness and anticipation of a first date, noting how people often feel shy about crossing boundaries. He admits to being curious about how physical intimacy feels, demonstrating a willingness to explore this aspect of a relationship in an open and non-judgmental way.

“It’s our first date so you tryna act all shyyy ’bout
Passin’ first base as we sit up on myyy couch
I watch that movie just so I could try to finddd out
If it feels good when I, turn the lightsss out”

It is essential to take this song at face value and understand the context in which it was written. “First Date Sex” does not promote promiscuity or objectify women; instead, it sparks a candid conversation about consent and personal boundaries within relationships.

Non-Commitment and Honesty

Posner emphasizes the importance of honesty and non-commitment in his relationships. He clearly states that he is not looking for a committed partnership, defying the traditional notion that first dates must lead to long-term commitment. Posner asserts that he is not judging or labeling his partner based on their actions, encouraging a sense of freedom and non-judgment within the relationship.

“I’m not gonna judge you
Just cause we did it
But don’t fall in love boo
I’m not committed”

By expressing his intentions and feelings in this way, Posner challenges societal expectations and highlights the need for open communication and consent in modern relationships.

An Expression of Desire

Although the provocative title of the song may immediately grab attention, it’s important to note that “First Date Sex” is not solely about physical intimacy. Posner emphasizes his desire to go beyond the physical realm and genuinely connect with his partner emotionally.

“Just wanna show you how I feel, love”

Posner aims to express his love and affection for his potential partner, using the opportunity of a first date to create a memorable experience. This sentiment suggests that the song is not just about physical pleasure but also about genuine emotional connection.


“First Date Sex” by Mike Posner challenges societal expectations and provides a new perspective on first dates and relationships. It encourages open communication, consent, and the freedom to explore boundaries without judgment. Posner’s lyrics express not only a desire for physical intimacy but also a genuine desire to connect emotionally. This song serves as a reminder that open and honest communication is vital in modern relationships, and it is crucial to respect each other’s boundaries and intentions.

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