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The Meaning Behind The Song: Find Your Love by Drake

The Meaning Behind The Song: Find Your Love by Drake


When it comes to meaningful songs, Drake has proven time and time again that he has a way with words. One of his notable tracks, “Find Your Love,” released on May 5, 2010, struck a chord with many listeners. In this article, I will delve into the deeper meaning behind the lyrics of “Find Your Love” and share my personal experiences with this captivating song.

The Lyrics

“Find Your Love” was produced by Kanye West, Jeff Bhasker, and No I.D., with songwriting credits going to No I.D., Plain Pat, Jeff Bhasker, Kanye West, and Drake. The song was published by SOLAR Music Rights Management, Universal Music Group, ​peermusic, UBEM, Sony Music Entertainment, and LatinAutor.

The song starts with Drake expressing his feelings of uncertainty in a relationship, stating, “I’m more than just an option, hey, hey, hey / Refuse to be forgotten, hey, hey, hey.” These lyrics suggest that Drake wants to be recognized and valued in the eyes of his love interest.

Further into the song, he admits, “I better find your lovin’, I better find your heart.” This line portrays Drake’s desire to find true love and connect on a deeper level with his partner. It reflects the universal longing to find someone who understands and completes us.

Drake continues to lay bare his vulnerability in the lines, “You got that smile that only heaven can make / I pray to God every day that you keep that.” Here, he acknowledges the positive impact his partner has on him and the importance of cherishing such a rare connection.

The chorus of “Find Your Love” emphasizes Drake’s determination to pursue this love, despite the obstacles that may come their way. He sings, “I’m more than just a number, hey, hey, hey / I doubt you’ll find another, hey, hey, hey.” These words showcase his self-assuredness and his belief in the uniqueness of their bond.

The Personal Connection

Personally, “Find Your Love” reminds me of a time when I was searching for love and grappling with insecurities. Like Drake, I yearned to be seen and valued by someone special. The lyrics resonated deeply with my own experiences of searching for a connection that goes beyond superficiality.

This song reminds me of the countless moments spent contemplating whether to take a leap of faith and find love. It encapsulates the ruminations, doubts, and hopes that we experience on our journey to find that special someone.

Moreover, Drake’s vulnerability and honesty through his music have always touched me. “Find Your Love” is no exception. It serves as a reminder that it is okay to lay bare our emotions, be open to love, and embrace the fear that often accompanies it.


“Find Your Love” by Drake is a heartfelt and introspective track that explores the universal yearning for love and connection. Through his lyrics, Drake shares his personal experiences and vulnerabilities, allowing listeners to relate to his journey. The song reminds us to be brave in pursuing love and to cherish the rare connections we may find along the way.

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