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The Meaning Behind The Song: Field of Hopes and Dreams by Man on the Internet

The Meaning Behind The Song: Field of Hopes and Dreams by Man on the Internet

Field of Hopes and Dreams is a captivating song featured in the album “Deltarune the (not) Musical” by Man on the Internet. With its enchanting lyrics and melodic composition, this song takes listeners on a journey through the Dark World, where Kris and Ralsei, the characters from the game Deltarune, embark on their adventure.

As I listen to this song, I can’t help but feel a sense of wonder and curiosity. The lyrics paint a picture of a world where darkness meets light, where choices must be made and actions must be taken. It explores the idea of finding power within oneself and striving for freedom, even in the face of uncertainty.

The first verse sets the stage for the song, mentioning a new world that beckons the protagonist to take action, whether it is to act, spare, or fight. This world grants them a power that shines bright, but they yearn for their freedom. They traverse through the field of the Dark’s hopes and dreams, which is unfamiliar and filled with memories that hint at lost choices.

The pre-chorus and chorus, beautifully sung by EmmyKat, emphasize the importance of avoiding unnecessary deaths and making amends. It urges us to be the change we want to see in the world, emphasizing that there is no reason why we can’t let others live peacefully. The lyrics also highlight the unity between the characters, with the promise of being there for each other, even in a faded world.

Throughout the song, there is a continuous theme of questioning one’s own purpose and choices. The second verse delves deeper into the protagonist’s struggle, feeling lost and facing unfamiliarity. The lyrics touch on the idea of being guided by others’ expectations while yearning for independence.

The bridge brings out the contrast between the protagonist’s growth, as observed by others, and the inner turmoil they experience. It hints at a lack of control over their own will, suggesting that they are merely a vessel for the player’s decisions.

The song concludes with uncertainty about the protagonist’s identity and the lack of choice they perceive. The feeling of being trapped in darkness is reflected in the final lyrics, leaving the listener contemplating what lies ahead.

As a fan of the game and the music it inspired, I find personal resonance in this song. It reminds me of times when I have questioned my own choices and felt uncertain about my place in the world. It serves as a reminder to be mindful of the power we hold within ourselves and the impact we can have on others.

“Field of Hopes and Dreams” is a testament to the emotional depth of Man on the Internet’s musical compositions. The collaboration between Alex Beckham, EmmyKat, and Brodingles brings these lyrics to life, capturing the essence of the Deltarune universe.

With its captivating melody and thought-provoking lyrics, “Field of Hopes and Dreams” is a song that resonates with fans of the game and anyone who has ever questioned their own choices and purpose. It serves as a reminder that we can find our own power and make a positive difference in the world, as long as we have the courage to be the change we want to see.

Album Details: Deltarune the (not) Musical (2018)

Additional Information:

Kris and Ralsei travel through the Field, having just started their journey throughout the Dark World as well as looking for Susie, who cannot return to the Light World without Kris. Through the field, Kris questions themself about what they are meant to be, to do there, and even if they really have a choice of themself. It is implied that Kris does not have control of themself but is rather under the player’s control. Ralsei, however, believes that Kris’s choices are important for the realization of the fate of the world and tries to cheer them up by reminding them that both of them are Heroes of Light, being by Kris’s side all the way regardless of their choices.


– Featuring EmmyKat, Brodingles & Alex Beckham

– Produced By Man on the Internet

– Written By Alex Beckham

– Mix By Marc Gardner

– Art By Kylie Ann

– Music by Toby Fox

– Release Date 2019


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