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The Meaning Behind The Song: Feel the Way I Feel by Nonpoint

The Meaning Behind The Song: Feel the Way I Feel by Nonpoint

As a music enthusiast and a lifelong guitar player, I have always been drawn to songs that pack a punch and deliver a message. One such song that has resonated with me is “Feel the Way I Feel” by Nonpoint. I remember stumbling upon this song at a friend’s house and being captivated from the very first riff.

“Feel the Way I Feel” is a powerful track with lyrics that delve deep into the raw emotions of frustration and pent-up anger. The song opens with the lines, “I’m not feelin’ any better doin’ this the right way, Tried to stay classy, didn’t make it any better.” These lines depict a struggle to maintain composure and take the high road, but ultimately failing to do so. We’ve all been in situations where we have tried to handle things diplomatically, only to realize that it doesn’t always yield the desired results.

The chorus of the song, “‘Cause you do the things you do, Your blood will have to spill for now, When I feel the way I feel,” encapsulates the feeling of wanting retribution. It conveys the idea that sometimes, when we are pushed to our limit, we can’t help but feel a strong desire for justice.

The bridge of the song adds an interesting layer to its meaning. It states, “Shaking every monster that awakens, Knowing that there’s something wrong, Telling me to pierce the surface, When you’re all just made of stone.” These lines highlight the difficulty of dealing with someone who appears invulnerable and unfeeling, even when their actions clearly suggest otherwise. It addresses the frustration of dealing with someone who lacks empathy or compassion.

Being a guitar player myself, I have to mention the incredible instrumentals in this song. The combination of raspy vocals, heavy guitar riffs, and pounding drums perfectly complements the intense emotions conveyed in the lyrics. This song is a prime example of the power that music has to amplify and convey emotions.

“Feel the Way I Feel” is featured on Nonpoint’s album titled “X (Deluxe Edition)”, released in 2018. The song was produced by Fred Archambault and written by Elias Soriano, B.C. Kochmit, Rasheed Thomas, Robb Rivera, and Rob Ruccia.

In conclusion, “Feel the Way I Feel” by Nonpoint is a song that taps into the feelings of frustration and the desire for retribution. Through its intense lyrics and powerful instrumentals, it showcases the ability of music to express and amplify emotions. This song has resonated with me on a personal level and I’m sure it will continue to do so for many others who have experienced similar emotions in their own lives.

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