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The Meaning Behind The Song: Family Doubtings by Michael Giacchino

The Meaning Behind The Song: Family Doubtings by Michael Giacchino

Produced By Michael Giacchino

Written By Michael Giacchino

Label Walt Disney Records

Copyright © Pixar & Disney Enterprises, Inc.

Phonographic Copyright ℗ Pixar & Walt Disney Records

Studio Personnel Warren Brown, Stephen M. Davis, Ryan Robinson & Joel Iwataki

Recording Engineer Joel Iwataki

Recorder Tom Hardisty, Vince Caro, Juan Pablo Gonzalez Torres, Joey Raia & Greg Crawford

Orchestrator Jeff Kryka & Germaine Franco

Mixer Joel Iwataki

Engineer Ryan Robinson

Editor Warren Brown & Stephen M. Davis

Conductor Marshall Bowen

Associated Performer Vince Caro, Tom Hardisty, Juan Pablo Gonzalez Torres, Joey Raia & Greg Crawford

Recording Arranger Jeff Kryka & Germaine Franco

Release Date October 27, 2017


When it comes to capturing emotions through music, few can do it as brilliantly as Michael Giacchino. His song “Family Doubtings” is a beautiful piece from the album, transporting listeners into a realm of contemplation, reminiscence, and introspection. The combination of heartfelt lyrics and powerful composition creates a truly memorable experience.

Unveiling the Lyrics

Let’s take a look at the lyrics of “Family Doubtings” and try to decipher their meaning:

When everything is cloudy
When everyone's insane
When all that you believed in
Becomes a big charade

In these opening lines, Giacchino addresses the universal feeling of uncertainty that people often experience. He acknowledges that there are times when everything seems unclear, when the people around us behave in inexplicable ways, and when our once firmly held beliefs seem to crumble.

Just know
You're not alone
In a world that's turned to stone
Hold on to your faith
Although it's hard to see I'm right here next to thee

The chorus serves as a reminder that even in the midst of chaos and doubt, we are not alone. The songwriter assures us that he is there with us, offering support and urging us to cling onto our faith, however difficult it may be.

When everyone's a critic
And no one loves you true
When everyone's a cynic
Who'll believe in you?

In these lines, Giacchino reflects upon the tough reality of navigating a world filled with skeptics and critics. He questions who will still believe in us when faced with constant doubt from others.

Please know
You're not alone
In this world that's turned to stone
Hold on to the light
And in time the day will bring
The truth that one day we'll seize

The songwriter reassures us once again that we are not alone. He advises us to hold onto the light, even when surrounded by darkness, and promises that eventually, the truth will reveal itself.

Personal Connection

The first time I heard “Family Doubtings,” it captivated me with its poignant lyrics and soaring melody. It resonated deeply with my own experiences of feeling lost and uncertain in a world that can often be overwhelming.

Whether I am listening to this song while working, playing a game, or watching a football match, the emotions it evokes remain the same. It serves as a gentle reminder that even in our darkest moments, there is always hope and support if we are willing to seek it.

“Family Doubtings” has become my go-to song whenever I need a moment of reflection or a reminder of my own inner strength. It has guided me through countless challenges and has become a constant source of comfort and encouragement.


Michael Giacchino’s “Family Doubtings” is more than just a song; it is a powerful reminder of the human experience. Through its heartfelt lyrics and mesmerizing composition, it speaks directly to the doubts and uncertainties we all face in life. It brings solace, encouragement, and a sense of unity, assuring us that we are not alone.

So, the next time you find yourself grappling with doubt or feeling overwhelmed, let the melodic strains of “Family Doubtings” wash over you. Allow its message to inspire and uplift, as you navigate the complexities of life with renewed hope and faith.

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