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The Meaning Behind The Song: Fade In / Fade Out by Nothing More

The Meaning Behind The Song: Fade In / Fade Out by Nothing More


I first heard the song “Fade In / Fade Out” by Nothing More on a rainy evening, as I sat alone in my room, searching for new music to listen to. Little did I know, this song would leave a lasting impact on me, not only because of its beautiful melodies and powerful vocals, but also because of the meaningful message it carries. In this article, I will delve into the meaning behind the song and share my personal experiences and interpretations.

The Father-Son Bond

“Fade In / Fade Out” is a heartfelt song that explores the relationship between a father and son. From the very first verse, the lyrics paint a poignant picture of a son realizing for the first time that his father is growing old. The imagery of canyons carved into his father’s skin represents the passage of time and the stories that have shaped their bond. It’s a moment of realization that time is fleeting, and the son is witnessing his father’s transition from strength to vulnerability.

The pre-chorus captures the essence of the song, with the father imparting his wisdom to his son. He acknowledges that he has watched his son “fade in,” referring to his birth and entrance into the world. In return, the son will witness his father “fade out,” symbolizing his departure from life. It is a bittersweet understanding that every life journey must come to an end, but through the son, the father’s legacy will live on.

A Message of Guidance and Inspiration

The chorus of “Fade In / Fade Out” amplifies the guidance and inspiration the father wants to instill in his son. He urges his son to forge his own path, to not be afraid of change, and to always push through the pain. The recurring line, “Follow your heart,” serves as a mantra for both the son and the listeners. It encourages us to pursue our dreams and passions, to make our mark in the world, and to hold our heads up high.

We all get lost sometimes trying to find what we’re looking for

This line in the song resonates deeply with me and could resonate with many others as well. It reminds us that life is a journey filled with ups and downs, and sometimes we may lose ourselves along the way. Yet, it also reassures us that within those moments of uncertainty, we have the capability to find what truly brings us alive.

A Lasting Presence

The song’s outro contains some of the most poignant lyrics, as the father assures his son that even after he has passed away, he will always be with him. The morning symbolizes a new beginning, and the father promises that he has taught his son everything he needs to know. In his dreams, the son will remember his father’s teachings and the love they shared. It’s a beautiful reminder that the memories and lessons learned from loved ones live on, guiding us throughout our lives.

In Conclusion

“Fade In / Fade Out” by Nothing More is a song that encapsulates the bond between a father and son, the inevitability of life’s transitions, and the enduring legacy that we leave behind. Through its introspective and contemplative lyrics, the song touches the hearts of listeners and encourages them to embrace change, follow their passions, and honor the memories of their loved ones. It is a powerful reminder that even in our darkest moments, we can find solace and inspiration by remembering those who have shaped us.

As I listen to this song, I am reminded of the importance of cherishing the time I have with my own loved ones, of embracing the changes that life brings, and of always following my heart. “Fade In / Fade Out” is not only a beautiful piece of music but also a profound reflection on life and an eternal tribute to the bond between fathers and sons.


The song “Fade In / Fade Out” was written by Mark Vollelunga, Scott Stevens, Daniel Oliver, Ben Anderson, Will Hoffman, and Jonny Hawkins. It was released on September 15, 2017, as part of the album “The Stories We Tell Ourselves.”

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