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The Meaning Behind The Song: Evil by JayDaYoungan

The Meaning Behind The Song: Evil by JayDaYoungan

As an avid fan of JayDaYoungan, I have always admired the depth and emotions portrayed in his songs. One such track that has resonated with me is “Evil” from his album “Forever 23” released on December 7, 2018. The lyrics of this song, along with JayDaYoungan’s powerful delivery, delve into the profound impact of love and the darkness it can bring to our lives.

The chorus of “Evil” highlights the corrupting influence of love, warning us not to let it defeat us. JayDaYoungan emphasizes that problems may come our way, but he refuses to let them overpower him. He compares himself to a preacher on the streets, someone who speaks from experience and aims to teach others. This imagery showcases his journey from adversity to becoming a source of inspiration for those around him.

The verse in “Evil” is filled with raw and honest lyrics that provide insight into JayDaYoungan’s life experiences. He mentions being in the trenches and carrying firearms, illustrating the harsh reality he has faced. The mention of a set-up and the subsequent message he has for someone from Lafayette indicates a personal vendetta against those who have wronged him. JayDaYoungan embraces a mindset of growth, emphasizing that everything he does adds to his life rather than subtracts from it. He doesn’t just talk about his experiences; he emphasizes that he has lived through them, distinguishing himself from those who merely pretend.

The repetitive chorus reinforces the theme of love’s ability to turn individuals evil. JayDaYoungan’s lyrics express his struggle, being unable to speak up while witnessing someone bleed, and enduring nights without food. He touches on the urge to resort to illegal activities like trapping and warns against associating with those who take advantage of others. The reference to “killer season” and how they are “tweaking” emphasizes the dangerous lifestyle he has been exposed to.

What I find most intriguing about JayDaYoungan’s music is his ability to create a sense of authenticity and vulnerability through his lyrics. The emotions and experiences he shares strike a chord with many listeners, speaking to their own struggles and hardships. The song “Evil” is not just a catchy tune, but an introspective look into JayDaYoungan’s life.

In conclusion, “Evil” by JayDaYoungan is an emotionally charged track that delves into the impact of love and the darkness it can bring into our lives. Through his lyrics, JayDaYoungan offers a glimpse into his personal experiences and the hardships he has faced. This authenticity and vulnerability are what make his music resonate with fans, and “Evil” is no exception. It serves as a reminder to stay resilient in the face of adversity and to be cautious of the ways love can corrupt.


Written By: IAmTrillfiger & JayDaYoungan

Album Title: Forever 23 (2018)

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