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The Meaning Behind The Song: Enough’s Enough by Jamie Lidell

The Meaning Behind The Song: Enough’s Enough by Jamie Lidell


As a music enthusiast, I have always been intrigued by the depth and emotions conveyed in song lyrics. From personal experiences to universal themes, the lyrics have the power to touch our souls and resonate with our own journeys. One such song that has captivated me with its heartfelt message is “Enough’s Enough” by Jamie Lidell. Let’s dive into the meaning behind the song and explore its profound lyrics together.

The Lyrics

“What could it be I’m looking for in a stranger’s eyes?
When you and I know you wait for me across the open skies
I’m a 6 foot fool in a 2 bit disguise
Too big too small never right sized
Never let you know never let you know, baby
Never let you know what you mean to me”

These opening lines set the stage for the emotional journey that Jamie Lidell takes us on. He questions why he seeks something in the eyes of strangers when he knows deep down that his true love is waiting for him, like a guiding star across the open skies. It highlights the tendency we often have to overlook the love right in front of us, being blinded by the idea of finding something more or someone better. The insecurity and self-doubt expressed in the lines “I’m a 6 foot fool in a 2 bit disguise, Too big too small never right sized” reveal Lidell’s vulnerability and struggle with self-acceptance.

“But enough is enough
You’re more than enough
So much more than enough
For me”

In the chorus, Lidell reaches a turning point where he recognizes that his constant search for something beyond what he already has is futile. He realizes that his partner is not just enough but so much more than enough for him. It is a powerful declaration of love and acceptance, a realization that true happiness lies in appreciating what we have instead of always longing for more.

“What did I hear you say? You been feeling like you might be wrong for me?
That you’re not the one I’m looking for because of who I used to be?
Who knew your 5 foot 3 would be my perfect size?
We’re like puzzle pieces baby. When we click side by side
Just wish I could let you know
Let you know what you mean to me”

In the second verse, Lidell addresses his partner’s doubts and insecurities, acknowledging that they have felt inadequate and not the right fit for him because of his past. However, he reassures them that their size, both literally and metaphorically, is perfect for him. The reference to puzzle pieces symbolizes their compatibility and the completeness they bring to each other’s lives. Lidell expresses a longing to communicate the depth of his love and appreciation but admits his struggle to fully convey it.

“So enough is enough
You’re so much more than enough
You’re so much more than enough
Yeah enough is enough”

Repeating the chorus, the song reaffirms the newfound understanding and appreciation Lidell has for his partner. He emphasizes that they are more than enough and that he no longer needs to seek anything beyond their love.

About the Song

“Enough’s Enough” is a track from Jamie Lidell’s 2010 album titled “Compass.” Known for his soulful voice and blending genres like electronic, funk, and R&B, Lidell takes a introspective and introspective approach with this song. He explores themes of self-acceptance, appreciating the present moment, and cherishing the love that is already in our lives.


Behind the creation of this heartwarming song, we find talented individuals who contributed their skills:

  • Backing Vocals: Brian LeBarton, Feist, and Nikka Costa
  • Synthesizer: Brian LeBarton and Jamie Lidell
  • Percussion: Brian LeBarton, Feist, James Gadson, and Jamie Lidell
  • Mastered by: Rashad Becker
  • Mix: Jake Aron, Jamie Lidell, and Chris Taylor


“Enough’s Enough” by Jamie Lidell is a heartfelt and soulful song that encourages us to value the love we already have in our lives. It touches upon themes of self-acceptance, appreciating the present, and embracing the depth of emotions within a relationship. Lidell’s powerful lyrics and emotional delivery make this song a beautiful reminder to cherish and recognize the love that is more than enough for us.

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