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The Meaning Behind The Song: EDP445 Diss Track by Jawbreaker Juice

The Meaning Behind The Song: EDP445 Diss Track by Jawbreaker Juice


Man, I feel like watching some EDP. What? Are you kidding me? Yeah, hah.


You just got caught talking to kids, boy, you out bad (Yeah)
Why your belly hang like that? You built like a bean bag (Yeah)
When I found out what you did, man, I was so mad (Yeah)
You made me mad, now I gotta expose your a—
You built like a spider from Chowder, boy, you obese (Bitch, bitch)
I know your legs ‘bout to give out, you got swole kness (Bitch, bitch)
If you see EDP, you better hide your kids
I knew you was a pedo, I’m gonna call the police
Ugh! Why you look like that?
This man head shaped like a milk dud, he look like a snack
How you eat so many Mc-aah!
How you eat so many McNuggets? Boy, you really fat
Why your nipples go to your belly? That’s a long boob
Why you recording yourself takin’ a boo boo?
Why you talkin’ to people that still watchin’ Blues Clues?
You need to turn yourself in and get off of YouTube
Put your tongue back in your mouth, you look like a reptilian (Sss)
Why you dressed like a rejected Marvel supervillain?
How you get caught two times talkin’ to children?
Stop contacting people who are still in kindergarten (Facts)
This man got a whole muffin top, he look like Bubble Bass
You got too much body mass, you look like you ‘bout to collapse
You used to be cool, but now you’re just a pedophile
Hey! Get away from that child!


Ayy, give me that subscribe, you know that was fire

Album title:

The Background Story

The EDP445 Diss Track is a remix of “Meh” by Playboi Carti that disses and makes fun of the YouTuber EDP445 (Eat Da Pussy 445) for being a pedophile. The lyrics are intended to expose his alleged inappropriate conversations with minors and shed light on his offensive and unhealthy behavior.

As a listener, this song struck a chord with me. It’s disheartening to hear about individuals who abuse their platforms and engage in inappropriate activities. This diss track serves as a powerful response from Jawbreaker Juice, condemning EDP445’s actions and urging him to face the consequences.

The Message

The lyrics of the song highlight the disbelief and anger towards EDP445. The artist ridicules his physical appearance, making references to his weight and body shape. There is a strong emphasis on the consequences of his actions, portraying him as a danger to children.

The artist also questions EDP445’s choices, asking why he continues to engage with younger individuals and record himself in inappropriate situations. The track advocates for justice, calling for EDP445 to turn himself in and cease his presence on YouTube.

The Impact

By remixing Playboi Carti’s “Meh,” Jawbreaker Juice transformed the catchy tune into a vehicle for social commentary. This diss track gained attention within the online community, sparking conversations about accountability and the responsibility of influencers.

The song not only expresses the artist’s personal resentment towards EDP445’s actions but also encourages listeners to stand against inappropriate and harmful behavior. It serves as a reminder that even those with significant online followings should be held accountable for their actions, protecting the safety and well-being of minors.


The EDP445 Diss Track by Jawbreaker Juice is a powerful response to the disturbing actions of EDP445. Through its lyrics, the song sheds light on the alleged inappropriate conversations with minors and serves as a call to action for justice.

This diss track resonates with many, as it addresses the concerns surrounding the behavior and accountability of individuals with substantial online influence. It urges listeners to recognize the importance of protecting vulnerable individuals within the online community.

As Jawbreaker Juice brings attention to this issue through music, it inspires conversations about the need for social responsibility, accountability, and the protection of children against exploitation.

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