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The Meaning Behind The Song: Dream Train by Mind Over Matter

The Meaning Behind The Song: Dream Train by Mind Over Matter


I am listening to the song “Dream Train” by Mind Over Matter while working, and I can’t help but immerse myself in the meaningful lyrics and catchy beats. This song, released in 2014 as part of their album “This Way To Elsewhere,” tells a captivating story of perseverance, self-belief, and the pursuit of dreams. Let’s dive into the lyrics and uncover the deeper meaning behind this remarkable song.

Verse 1: Smiles Again

Smiles Again, one of the members of Mind Over Matter, begins the song by reflecting on his journey as a rapper. He shares his initial struggles and the criticisms he faced for pursuing his passion. Despite the challenges, Smiles Again expresses gratitude towards his parents for supporting him and allowing him to build a studio at home. He acknowledges the sacrifices they have made, even if it means their lounge room is filled with band merchandise.

With determination and hard work, Smiles Again aspires to make it big in the music industry, using the metaphor of a train journey. Throughout the verse, he emphasizes the importance of self-belief, highlighting that the hardest thing in the world is making yourself believe in your dreams. He acknowledges the obstacles and the hostile environment, comparing it to swinging bats in a gun fight. Smiles Again, however, is determined not to wait for hell to freeze to achieve his dreams.

Verse 2: Willow

In the second verse, Willow takes the stage, sharing his perspective and experiences. He opens by expressing his desire to find his own path, symbolized by using letters like a blueprint. Willow mentions waiting by the dock, longing to be part of something greater, possibly referring to the music industry.

Despite facing misunderstanding and pretentious attitudes, Willow remains resilient. He describes himself as an “indigo,” a term used to represent individuals who possess advanced spiritual and intuitive abilities. He believes in spreading messages of love and unity, emphasizing that we are all part of one family.

Throughout the verse, Willow emphasizes the honesty and authenticity in his music. He mentions the long years of hard work and dedication, promising to continue striving for success. He concludes by expressing excitement for the future, likening their impact to a lightning strike.


“Dream Train” by Mind Over Matter is a powerful song that explores the struggles, determination, and self-belief required to chase one’s dreams. The lyrics resonate with anyone who has faced adversity and showcases the group’s dedication to making meaningful music. Listening to this song is not only a musical experience but also an inspiration to persevere and believe in oneself.

As the track progresses, the rhythmic beats and catchy hooks add to the overall appeal, making “Dream Train” an enjoyable and thought-provoking song. Its release as part of the album “This Way To Elsewhere” further adds to the artistic journey of Mind Over Matter.

So, the next time you listen to “Dream Train,” take a moment to reflect on your own dreams and aspirations. Let it serve as a reminder to keep pushing forward, despite the challenges that may come your way.

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