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The Meaning Behind The Song: Drag Strip Girl by Jan & Dean

The Meaning Behind The Song: Drag Strip Girl by Jan & Dean


For those who are fans of iconic 60s surf rock, Jan & Dean may be a familiar name. Among their extensive discography, one track stands out as a tribute to a certain type of girl and the passion she ignites in her lover. “Drag Strip Girl” is a catchy tune that encapsulates the exhilaration of the drag racing culture and the love between two individuals who share a common passion. In this article, I will delve into the meaning behind this song and share some personal experiences related to it.

The Lyrics

Jan & Dean’s “Drag Strip Girl” portrays the deep love the protagonist has for his significant other, who happens to be his drag strip girl. The song emphasizes the protagonist’s adoration for her as they navigate the world of drag racing together.

The lyrics start with a declaration of love for this special girl: “You know he loves her, He really loves her, He loves his Drag Strip Girl.” This repetition emphasizes the intensity of the protagonist’s feelings.

The song goes on to describe the various ways in which this girl brings joy and happiness into the protagonist’s life. She knows how to fix his clutch, helps with his plugs, and ensures his engine never lugs. This girl is not just skilled in providing mechanical assistance – she is a true partner who values his success on the race track.

The chorus reinforces the protagonist’s admiration for his drag strip girl, highlighting her ability to perform crucial tasks: “My Drag Strip Girl, She’s got just what it takes, When she adjusts my brakes, Her chassis never shakes.” These lines illustrate the protagonist’s appreciation for her unwavering support and skillset.

The final verse repeats the idea of pride and togetherness as the protagonist takes his trophy run, knowing that his drag strip girl will be right by his side: “And when I take my trophy run, I’m as proud as I can be, And when the drags are done, She’ll be ridin’ next to me.” This showcases the deep connection and sense of fulfillment that comes from participating in their shared passion.

Personal Connection

As a fan of classic surf rock, “Drag Strip Girl” holds a special place in my heart. The upbeat tempo and catchy melodies draw me in, but it’s the underlying message that resonates with me the most. The song celebrates the bond between two individuals who share a mutual love for a hobby or interest, which is something I’ve experienced firsthand.

In my own life, I’ve had the privilege of being in a relationship where my partner and I share a common passion. Whether it’s a love for art, sports, or music, having someone by your side who understands and supports your interests can be incredibly fulfilling. Just like the drag strip girl in the song, my partner has been there to support and cheer me on through various endeavors, and I have done the same for them.


Jan & Dean’s “Drag Strip Girl” is not just a catchy surf rock tune but a celebration of love and shared interests. The song illustrates the deep admiration the protagonist has for his significant other, who stands by his side as they navigate the world of drag racing. It serves as a reminder of the power of a strong and supportive partnership, and how the love of a like-minded soul can enhance one’s passion. So, whether you love drag racing or not, this song reminds us all of the importance of finding someone who shares and supports our greatest interests.

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