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The Meaning Behind The Song: Dont Stop by Jared Oakes

The Meaning Behind The Song: Dont Stop by Jared Oakes

When I first came across Jared Oakes’ song “Dont Stop,” I was immediately captivated by its catchy beat and infectious energy. As I delved deeper into the lyrics, I discovered a hidden depth and meaning that made me appreciate the track even more. In this article, I’ll explore the song’s lyrics and the additional information surrounding it, shedding light on its true significance.

The Lyrics

The hook of “Dont Stop” sets the tone for the song with Jared Oakes exclaiming, “Ay, what the fuck is up? I see a real bad bitch I’m like back it up.” The song’s primary focus appears to be on a woman who catches his attention, and he urges her to twerk and shake that ass. The lyrics are undeniably explicit, emphasizing the seductive and playful nature of the track.

In the first verse, Oakes further expresses his attraction towards this woman, stating that she is “already fucked up” and that he got “starstruck” by her presence. He describes her dancing abilities, encouraging her to continue while expressing his admiration for her looks. The verse implies that Oakes is ready to take things further, suggesting a potential intimate encounter.

The second verse introduces Mobby, who adds his unique perspective to the song. His lyrics touch upon themes of street life, mentioning pills, police, and choppers. While his verse takes a slightly different direction from Oakes’, it continues the underlying theme of attraction and desire, with explicit imagery conveying his sexual exploits.

The Meaning

Behind the explicit lyrics and provocative tone, “Dont Stop” can be interpreted as a celebration of female sexuality and liberation. The song highlights the empowerment of women, encouraging them to embrace their bodies and freely express their sensuality. It demonstrates an appreciation for feminine beauty and suggests that women should feel confident and unapologetic in their sexuality.

However, it is crucial to acknowledge that songs like “Dont Stop” can be polarizing due to their explicit content. While some may view it as mere objectification, others might appreciate the theme of female empowerment. It is essential to respect and recognize differing perspectives on the song.

Personal Connection

Personally, “Dont Stop” resonates with me in a different way. While the explicit lyrics and energetic beat can make it an enjoyable party anthem, I find myself drawn to the underlying themes of confidence and self-expression. The song serves as a reminder to embrace and celebrate one’s individuality, free from societal expectations or judgment.

Moreover, Jared Oakes’ and Mobby’s unique styles contribute to the appeal of “Dont Stop.” Their contrasting verses bring together different perspectives, adding depth to the song and making it more relatable to a diverse audience.


Although “Dont Stop” by Jared Oakes may initially come across as a provocative and explicit track, it holds a deeper meaning centered around female empowerment and self-expression. The song encourages women to be confident in their bodies and emphasizes the importance of embracing one’s unique individuality.

As with any song, individual interpretation may vary, and it is crucial to respect different perspectives while appreciating the artistry behind the lyrics and the emotions they evoke. Ultimately, “Dont Stop” reminds us to celebrate our own identities and to never shy away from expressing ourselves.

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Release Date: August 27, 2013

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