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The Meaning Behind The Song: Desliga E Vem by Exaltasamba


The Meaning Behind The Song: Desliga E Vem by Exaltasamba

Desliga E Vem, a popular song by the Brazilian musical group Exaltasamba, holds a deep meaning that resonates with many listeners. Translated to English, the title means “Turn it off and Come.” The lyrics of this captivating song delve into the complex dynamics of a romantic relationship, expressing feelings of desire, longing, and surrender.

With its melodic tune and heartfelt lyrics, Desliga E Vem captures the essence of intense desire and passion. The song portrays the yearning of two individuals who are emotionally intertwined yet physically distant. It speaks to the longing to be physically close to someone, urging them to put their distractions aside and come closer. This theme of desire and the immediate need for connection is beautifully woven throughout the song.

Frequently Asked Questions About Desliga E Vem

1. Who composed the song Desliga E Vem?

Desliga E Vem was composed by Rodriguinho, a former member of Exaltasamba. His lyrical and melodic talents shine through in this captivating piece.

2. When was Desliga E Vem released?

Desliga E Vem was released in 2009 as part of Exaltasamba’s album “A Gente Bota Pra Quebrar,” captivating fans with its powerful emotions and addictive rhythm.

3. What genre does Desliga E Vem belong to?

Desliga E Vem falls under the genre of pagode, a popular music style in Brazil that combines samba and other Afro-Brazilian rhythms with contemporary pop elements.

4. Are there any live performances of Desliga E Vem?

Yes, there are several live performances of Desliga E Vem by Exaltasamba available online. These performances showcase the band’s extraordinary stage presence and their ability to engage the audience with their soulful rendition of the song.

5. What are the key themes explored in Desliga E Vem?

Desliga E Vem delves into the themes of desire, longing, and the intense need for physical closeness. It portrays the vulnerable side of human emotions in the context of a romantic relationship.

6. Is there a music video for Desliga E Vem?

Yes, Exaltasamba released a music video for Desliga E Vem, providing a visual representation of the song’s sentiment. The video complements the lyrics, adding depth to the overall narrative.

7. Has Desliga E Vem received any awards or recognition?

While Desliga E Vem may not have received specific awards, it remains one of Exaltasamba’s most beloved and iconic songs. It has garnered immense popularity among fans and continues to be appreciated for its emotional depth.

8. Is Desliga E Vem well-known internationally?

While Exaltasamba gained a significant following within Brazil and the Portuguese-speaking community, their international presence is limited. However, Desliga E Vem has captured the hearts of listeners worldwide who appreciate its universal themes and irresistible melody.

9. Can Desliga E Vem be considered a love song?

Indeed, Desliga E Vem can be categorized as a love song. It beautifully captures the essence of love’s vulnerability, longing, and the intense desire for physical connection.

10. Are there any other notable songs by Exaltasamba?

Yes, Exaltasamba has numerous notable songs that have left an indelible mark on the Brazilian music scene. Some of their other popular tracks include “Tá Vendo Aquela Lua,” “Me Apaixonei Pela Pessoa Errada,” and “Eu Me Apaixonei pela Pessoa Errada.”

These frequently asked questions shed light on the different aspects of Desliga E Vem, allowing listeners to gain a deeper understanding of this captivating song by Exaltasamba. With its poignant lyrics and soulful melody, Desliga E Vem continues to resonate with music lovers, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of its listeners.

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