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The Meaning Behind The Song: Desenho de Deus [Ao Vivo Natiruts Reggae Brasil] by Natiruts

The Meaning Behind The Song: Desenho de Deus [Ao Vivo Natiruts Reggae Brasil] by Natiruts

As a music technician, I have always been fascinated by the power of music to evoke emotions and convey deep messages. One song that has a special place in my heart is “Desenho de Deus” by Natiruts. This beautiful reggae tune carries a profound message about the uniqueness and beauty of every individual.

I first heard this song on a summer evening, as I was scrolling through a playlist at a friend’s house. The moment the soothing reggae rhythm and Armandinho’s melodic voice filled the room, I was captivated. The lyrics, the music, and the overall vibe of the song instantly touched my soul.

“Desenho de Deus” translates to “God’s Drawing” in English. The song suggests that when God created each one of us, He took special care and attention, infusing us with qualities that make us truly unique. The lyrics highlight the purity of heart and humility that make us stand out. It emphasizes that while external beauty might catch the eye, it is what lies within that truly matters.

The chorus, repeating the lines “Quando Deus te desenhou, ele tava namorando, Na beira do mar, na beira do mar do amor” (When God drew you, He was in love, On the edge of the sea, on the edge of the sea of ​​love), creates a vivid image of God creating each of us with love and care, in harmony with the beauty of nature.

The song also acknowledges the power of our words and our ability to seek truth and authenticity. It compares the brilliance of one’s eyes to the most beautiful star and recognizes the value of sincerity in our communication. It reminds us that while external appearances may fade, the qualities that make us unique will always hold true.

This live version of the song, featured on Natiruts’ album “Natiruts Reggae Brasil (Ao Vivo)” released in 2015, adds an extra layer of energy and connection with the audience. The live performance brings the lyrics to life, making it an even more unforgettable experience.

In terms of songwriting, “Desenho de Deus” was written by Armandinho and Esdras Bedai. The collaboration between the two artists resulted in a powerful message wrapped in a beautiful reggae melody.

Listening to “Desenho de Deus” has been a transformative experience for me. It serves as a reminder to embrace and celebrate our individuality, recognizing that we are all unique creations of God. The song reminds me to focus on inner beauty and sincerity in all aspects of my life, as these qualities hold the greatest value.

If you haven’t had the chance to listen to this song yet, I highly recommend giving it a try. Let the lyrics and the music take you on a journey of self-discovery and appreciation for the beauty that lies within each and every one of us.

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