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The Meaning Behind The Song: DEADALIVE by Jaguar Jonze

The Meaning Behind The Song: DEADALIVE by Jaguar Jonze


When I first heard Jaguar Jonze’s song “DEADALIVE,” I was immediately captivated by its intense energy and thought-provoking lyrics. The song explores themes of emotional pain, self-imprisonment, and the internal struggle we all face at times. In this article, I will delve into the deeper meaning behind the song and how it resonates with listeners.

Verse 1

The opening lyrics, “Cut me up with words inside your mind,” depict the power that words can have on our emotions. It reflects the pain caused by someone’s harsh words, cutting deep into the very core of our being. The line “Cut me up like there’s no paradise” emphasizes the feeling of being torn apart and losing hope, as if finding happiness seems impossible. Additionally, the mention of teeth acting as sharp as knives portrays the destructive nature of the actions or words shared.


The pre-chorus highlights the internal struggle we often face when dealing with emotional pain. The lyrics, “Thinking like you’ve never ever felt the back of your skull” and “Acting like you’ve never ever felt the break of your cage,” describe the tendency to bury our emotions or act like we have never been hurt before. It reflects the facade we put on to protect ourselves, pretending that the pain doesn’t exist.


The chorus of “DEADALIVE” brings the theme of feeling trapped to the forefront. The lyrics, “Running so empty like we’re gonna die” and “Put up the walls for us to stay inside” portray a sense of hopelessness, as if being imprisoned within our own minds. The phrase “dead alive” embodies the feeling of being disconnected from oneself, going through the motions of life but lacking the true sense of being alive. It is a vivid representation of the emotional burden many individuals carry.

Verse 2

In the second verse, the lyrics shift towards the concept of imprisonment and the desire to break free. The lines “Lock me up with chains and paper ties” and “Lock me up to stop the overdrive” express the need for containment and control to prevent oneself from spiraling out of control. It showcases the desire to contain one’s emotions, even if the methods used are ineffective or temporary.


The bridge of the song, with the repetition of “Playing games inside my mind, inside, outside, out of time,” symbolizes the internal battle we all face within our own minds. The mind becomes a battleground, where thoughts and emotions clash, complicating our perception of reality. The repetition emphasizes the cycle of these internal struggles, further reinforcing the concept of feeling trapped.


“DEADALIVE” by Jaguar Jonze is a song that delves into the complexities of emotional pain, self-imprisonment, and the internal struggles we face. Through its intense lyrics and captivating sound, this song captures the raw emotions that many of us can relate to. It serves as a reminder to acknowledge and confront our pain rather than burying it, ultimately helping us on the path towards healing and self-discovery.

[Album Title: ANTIHERO (2021)]

Produced By Jaguar Jonze, Aidan Hogg & John Congleton
Written By Jaguar Jonze & Aidan Hogg
Release Date: September 25, 2020


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