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The Meaning Behind The Song: Creepers- A Minecraft Parody Of Yonkers By Tyler The Creator by Nyanners

The Meaning Behind The Song: Creepers – A Minecraft Parody Of Yonkers By Tyler The Creator by Nyanners

As a Music Technician, I’ve had the pleasure of analyzing and dissecting various songs over the years. Today, I want to dive into a unique song that combines the world of gaming and music – “Creepers,” a Minecraft parody of “Yonkers” by Tyler The Creator, performed by Nyanners.

I remember stumbling upon this song at a friend’s house while we were immersed in the world of Minecraft. It instantly grabbed my attention, blending the familiar sounds of a popular game with the edgy rap style of Tyler The Creator.

The lyrics in this parody give a humorous twist to the original song, highlighting various aspects of the Minecraft universe. The opening lines of the song, “Minecraft, I like Minecraft, I play Minecraft,” immediately set the stage for what’s to come – an enthusiastic celebration of the game.

The first verse introduces us to the “supercharged creeper,” a character known for its explosive tendencies. The song cleverly compares this character to a gaming term, “gank mid,” and the ult off cooldown, elements that only avid gamers will fully appreciate.

The lyrics continue to paint a vivid picture of the Minecraft experience, referencing burnt houses and an ocean crying harder than someone who left home. It’s a playful way of showcasing the destruction and emotional impact the game can have on players.

The chorus delivers a more lighthearted tone, reminding players not to take the game too seriously. The plea to switch off Hanzo, a character from another popular game, Overwatch, adds an amusing touch, breaking the fourth wall and acknowledging the broad gaming community.

In the second verse, the song takes a more comical turn, highlighting the various activities one can engage in while playing Minecraft. The mention of mining diamonds and having “hoes” on one’s pickaxe is a playful yet tongue-in-cheek reference to the game’s mechanics.

The lyrics progress to boastful claims of “play of the game” and having a Minecraft girlfriends mod, humorously highlighting the virtual romantic encounters one can have within the game. It’s a comical twist that showcases the wide range of experiences Minecraft offers.

The break in the song acknowledges the nature of the parody. Nyanners playfully refers to Minecraft as a video game people love and can relate to, a succinct acknowledgment of the song’s purpose and intended audience.

While the lyrics may be delivered in a lighthearted manner, it’s essential to acknowledge the talent and creativity Nyanners has displayed in crafting this parody. The ability to take the essence of “Yonkers” by Tyler The Creator and mold it into a Minecraft-themed track is impressive.

In conclusion, “Creepers” is a delightful and amusing Minecraft parody that pays tribute to the game’s vast universe while showcasing the talent of Nyanners as a musician and content creator. It serves as a reminder of the unique ways music can intersect with other forms of entertainment, creating a truly enjoyable listening experience for fans of both gaming and music.


– Original Song: “Yonkers” by Tyler, The Creator
– Parody Artist: Nyanners
– Release Date: April 1, 2017
– Album: NOW! That’s What I Call Minecraft Songs Volume 1 (2017)

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