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The Meaning Behind The Song: Counting Cars by Milestones

The Meaning Behind The Song: Counting Cars by Milestones

As a music enthusiast, I always find myself drawn to songs that have deep and meaningful lyrics. One such song that has struck a chord with me is “Counting Cars” by Milestones. I first heard this song on a playlist a few years ago, and ever since then, it has remained one of my favorites. The lyrics, combined with the haunting melody, create an emotional experience that is hard to forget.

A Story of Lost Love and Hope

“Counting Cars” paints a vivid picture of a person who is desperate and yearning for the return of a lost love. The lyrics describe silhouettes on the bedroom walls, memories of alcohol, and countless cigarettes. It’s a scene of loneliness, heartbreak, and longing.

The protagonist of the song spends his nights awake, unable to close his eyes, counting cars by the window. This repetitive act symbolizes his relentless hope that one day, his lost love will come back to him. The lyrics, “Losing sleep to stop the world from turning,” perfectly encapsulate his desperate attempt to hold onto a reality that no longer exists.

There is a sense of bittersweet optimism in the song. The protagonist leaves the door unlocked, fueled by the belief that his lost love will return. It’s a heartbreaking display of his unwavering faith and the power of love to keep someone going, even in the face of heartache.

The chorus further emphasizes the protagonist’s longing and hope. The lyrics, “Sometimes lies keep you alive, he’ll be waiting every night,” show the power of delusion and false hope to sustain a broken soul. It’s a reminder that even in the darkest of times, the human spirit clings to the possibility of a happy ending.

A Tragic Twist

The second verse takes a darker turn, revealing the cause of the protagonist’s pain. The lyrics describe a broken heart that beats twice as slow since losing the other half two months ago. It’s a heart-wrenching confession of loss and grief.

As the song progresses, it becomes clear that the protagonist’s pain stems from a tragic event. The window broke, forcing the coldness into his home. He remembers everything and loses the hope he once believed in. The lyrics, “He’s a mess in distress, nothing’s left in his chest,” perfectly capture the devastation he feels.

The chorus is repeated once more, emphasizing the protagonist’s enduring dream of protecting his lost love and turning back time. He watches cars go by, hoping that one day he’ll see her lights again. It’s a poignant reminder of the things we would do differently if given a second chance.

A Song That Resonates

“Counting Cars” by Milestones is a song that resonates with anyone who has experienced loss, longing, and the indomitable power of hope. The lyrics tell a heartbreaking story of a love lost but not forgotten. It’s a reminder that even in the darkest of times, music has the power to heal and provide solace.

Released on their album “Red Lights” in 2018, Milestones captured the essence of human emotion in this song. The haunting melody combined with the powerful lyrics creates an immersive experience that stays with you long after the song ends.

Personally, this song takes me back to a time when I felt lost and uncertain. It serves as a reminder of the strength that lies within us, even when it feels like everything is falling apart. “Counting Cars” is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the hope that keeps us going.

In conclusion, “Counting Cars” by Milestones is a song that delves into the depths of human emotion. It tells a story of lost love, longing, and the power of hope. The lyrics and melody combine to create a haunting and memorable listening experience. Whether you have experienced a similar situation or not, the raw emotion in this song is sure to touch your heart.

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