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The Meaning Behind The Song: Commercial by Jarv & Thief

The Meaning Behind The Song: Commercial by Jarv & Thief


When it comes to music, we often find ourselves drawn to songs that speak to us on a deeper level. Sometimes, the meaning behind a song goes beyond the surface and touches on larger themes that resonate with listeners. One such song that delves into the world of commercialism and the music industry is “Commercial” by Jarv & Thief. In this article, I will explore the lyrics of the song and share some additional information about its background and significance.

The Lyrics

The song begins with an introduction delivered by ThiefofBaghdad, advising that what follows is a paid presentation. This sets the tone for the theme of commercialization, which is prevalent throughout the song. The catchy hook, “Everybody rappin’ like it’s a commercial, actin’ like life is a big commercial,” repeats throughout, emphasizing the central message.

In the first verse, Jarv introduces himself as an uncoordinated version of Bruce Lee, while also referencing ThiefofBaghdad from New Zealand as the track’s collaborator. He contrasts his own authenticity and reluctance to conform with the rampant branding and lack of talent he perceives in other rappers. The lyrics touch on the pressure to impress, the irony of being a tool in the industry, and the constant portrayal of life as a commercial.

The second verse takes a satirical approach, mocking the tactics often used in commercial advertisement. Jarv mentions the idea of “acting now” and receiving extra bonuses, such as a free set or a stale everything bagel. He makes references to autotune, glow sticks, and pop culture elements while criticizing the focus on image and fashion over genuine artistic expression. The verse concludes with an assertion that he and ThiefofBaghdad will break down walls and challenge the status quo, directly addressing the industry’s tendency to prioritize profit over substance.

The song ends with a defiant outro, proclaiming the power and influence of music in shaping people’s lives and hinting at the artist’s own contribution to this force of inspiration. The final lines are spoken by ThiefofBaghdad, further solidifying his presence and artistic vision.

Personal Interpretation

As a lover of music, “Commercial” struck a chord with me. It highlights the commercialism and superficiality that can often permeate the music industry, where talent is sometimes overshadowed by image and marketing. The lyrics shed light on the pressure artists face to conform and the ways in which this can dilute the integrity of their work.

In my interpretation, “Commercial” serves as both a critique and a call to action. It encourages listeners to look beyond the glossy surface of commercialized music and seek out genuine artistry. The song urges us to question the industry’s focus on profit and image, and to support artists who prioritize their craft and creative vision.

About the Song and Artists

“Commercial” is a track from the album titled “The Boiler Room,” released on January 1, 2017. It is a collaboration between Jarv and ThiefofBaghdad, two artists known for their thought-provoking lyrics and distinctive style.

Jarv, in particular, is recognized for his uncompromising approach to his music. His lyrics often tackle societal issues and offer a fresh perspective on the world. ThiefofBaghdad, on the other hand, is known for his unique spoken word style and his ability to deliver powerful messages through his art.

Together, Jarv and ThiefofBaghdad bring their talents to “Commercial,” creating a song that challenges listeners to critically examine the commercialized culture of the music industry.


“Commercial” by Jarv & Thief offers a sharp critique of the commercialization and superficiality that can plague the music industry. Through clever lyrics and a catchy hook, the song highlights the pressure to conform, the focus on image over talent, and the importance of prioritizing genuine artistic expression. It serves as a reminder for listeners to seek out and support artists who stay true to their craft and resist the pull of commercialization. “Commercial” is a powerful anthem that encourages us to question the status quo and embrace music that speaks to our hearts and minds.

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