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The Meaning Behind The Song: Coming by Jimmy Somerville

The Meaning Behind The Song: Coming by Jimmy Somerville


As a fan of Jimmy Somerville, his song “Coming” holds a special place in my heart. Released in 1993, it is part of the Orlando (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) album. Not only does this song have a catchy melody, but its lyrics also convey a powerful message about unity, freedom, and the fluidity of identity.

The Lyrics

“I am coming
I am coming
I am coming through
Coming across the divide to you”

The opening verses of “Coming” set the tone for the song. It speaks of arriving, transcending barriers, and making a connection with others. It suggests a journey towards unity and understanding.

“In this moment of unity
Feeling an ecstasy
To be here, to be now
At last I am free”

The lyrics emphasize the joy felt in moments of unity and the liberation that comes with being present in the here and now. It is a celebration of personal freedom, the ability to break free from the chains of the past and future expectations.

“Yes, at last, at last
To be free of the past
And of the future that beckons me”

This verse speaks to the desire to let go of the burdens of the past and the uncertainty of the future. It explores the theme of embracing the present moment and the freedom that comes with it.

“We are joined, we are one
With the human face”

Here, Somerville beautifully expresses the idea of shared humanity. It emphasizes that beneath all our differences, we are connected by our common humanity, regardless of gender, race, or background.

“I am on Earth
And I am in outer space
I’m being born and I am dying”

This verse alludes to the cycle of life. It highlights the dualities we experience as human beings, the constant process of transformation, and the interconnectedness of all existence.

The Context

“Coming” is featured in the film Orlando (1992), directed by Sally Potter. The song plays during the movie’s closing scene, where the protagonist, Orlando (Tilda Swinton), finds herself in the present day as a mother. The appearance of an angel (played by Somerville) singing this falsetto song perfectly encapsulates Orlando’s unique status as a being without age or gender. The song continues into the end credits, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.


Personally, “Coming” resonates with me on multiple levels. Its themes of unity, freedom, and embracing one’s true self are universal and timeless. This song has accompanied me through different phases of my life, reminding me to live in the present and celebrate my individuality. It serves as a reminder that we are all connected and that our shared experiences as human beings outweigh our differences.

Credits and Additional Information

“Coming” was produced by David Motion and written by Jimmy Somerville, Sally Potter, and David Motion. It was released on February 23, 1993.

The Orlando (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) album, which features “Coming,” complements the film’s themes of identity and self-discovery.

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Whether you’re a fan of Jimmy Somerville or simply appreciate powerful and thought-provoking music, “Coming” is a song that captures the essence of unity, freedom, and the beauty of our shared humanity.

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