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The Meaning Behind The Song: Coming Attractions by Steven Curtis Chapman

The Meaning Behind The Song: Coming Attractions by Steven Curtis Chapman

A Glimpse of a Future Promise

Music has an incredible power to touch our hearts and souls, to transport us to different emotions and perspectives. One such song that beautifully encapsulates the hope of a future filled with love and redemption is “Coming Attractions” by Steven Curtis Chapman. This meaningful song paints a picture of a world free from hunger, disease, hatred, and pain. It speaks of a day that will come, where God’s kingdom will be fully established on Earth.

The lyrics of “Coming Attractions” remind us of the great promise of a future where all of humanity will be cared for. The opening stanza sets the scene of a day when no one will go hungry, where every mouth will be fed and beggars for bread will be no more. It captures a vision of a world rid of disease and suffering, where mercy will flood through every street. It’s an image that fills our hearts with hope.

Chapman continues to express his anticipation of this future reality in the chorus. He prays, “Let Your kingdom come in me, Let Your will be done in me, Here on the earth as it is and as it will be in Heaven.” These lines reveal his desire to be a vessel for God’s kingdom to manifest on Earth even before that day arrives. He yearns to live a life that serves as a preview of the coming attractions, a glimpse of the beautiful world that awaits us.

Furthermore, the song emphasizes the absence of darkness in this future day. It speaks of a time where there will be no more hatred or wars to endure. There will be no orphans, prisoners, or slaves. The tears of death and pain will be washed away. It paints a picture of a world transformed by the power of God’s love and mercy.

“Coming Attractions” is a reminder of the Christian belief in the second coming of Jesus. Chapman acknowledges that this day is surely coming, a day when Jesus will return to establish His kingdom on Earth. It is a day that fills believers with hope and anticipation.

A Personal Connection

Listening to “Coming Attractions” has always held a special place in my heart. It has served as a reminder of the future hope that awaits us as believers. The song encourages me to reflect on how I can live my life today in a way that aligns with God’s kingdom and His will.

Steven Curtis Chapman’s lyrics inspire me to be a witness of God’s love and glory in everything I do. The chorus serves as a personal prayer, urging me to shine God’s light and live His life through me. It challenges me to let the world see His kingdom come in me, even in the midst of our present reality.

As I reflect on the lyrics of “Coming Attractions,” I am reminded that my life can be a preview of the coming attractions. I have the opportunity to spread love, show mercy, and share the good news of Jesus Christ with those around me. It encourages me to live with purpose, knowing that my actions can have a lasting impact on others.

Ultimately, “Coming Attractions” serves as a song of hope, reminding us of the future promise that awaits us. It encourages us to live with faith and anticipation, eagerly awaiting the day when God’s kingdom will be fully established on Earth. Until then, let us strive to be a preview of the coming attractions and let our lives reflect God’s glory to the world.

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