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The Meaning Behind The Song: Come Here (Session1) by ‌milet

The Meaning Behind The Song: Come Here (Session1) by ‌milet


As a music enthusiast, I am always searching for new songs that resonate with me on a deeper level. One such song that has recently caught my attention is “Come Here (Session1)” by ‌milet. I first heard this song on a quiet evening when I stumbled upon it while browsing through a friend’s music collection. From the first note, I was captivated, and as I delved deeper into the lyrics and the emotions conveyed in the song, I discovered a profound meaning hidden within.

The Emotional Journey

“Come Here (Session1)” speaks to the heartache and vulnerability that comes with lost love and the struggle to move on. The opening words, “You could never handle me, How could I let you go, We’ve lost control,” set the tone for the emotional journey that awaits the listener. The song taps into the universal experience of feeling a deep connection with someone, despite knowing that it will never work out. It’s a painful realization that leaves a lasting impact.

Yearning and Regret

The chorus of the song reflects a sense of yearning and regret. ‌milet passionately sings, “I don’t wanna see your face, I don’t wanna hear your name, Don’t tell me now, But I’m picking up the pieces of us, ‘Cause I’m afraid that someday you will find someone better than me.” The lyrics beautifully encapsulate the conflicting emotions of wanting to distance oneself from the past while still longing for that person to realize their worth.

Old Film and Innocence

In the second verse, ‌milet sings, “Just like an old film, It looks good in black and white, Trying to hide the lies, We were too young and innocent.” These lines paint a vivid picture of a relationship that had its moments of joy and purity, but ultimately succumbed to the harsh reality of life’s complexities. The reference to an old film adds a nostalgic touch, reminiscing about a time when everything seemed simpler.

A Message of Empowerment

“Come Here (Session1)” is not just about heartbreak; it’s also about finding empowerment and growth. The bridge of the song boldly declares, “Be here now.” It serves as a reminder to embrace the present moment, to let go of the past, and to focus on one’s own journey towards self-fulfillment. It encourages listeners to find solace in their own strength and to move forward confidently, regardless of the pain they have experienced.


“Come Here (Session1)” by ‌milet is a powerful song that draws listeners in with its raw emotion and introspective lyrics. It captures the essence of heartbreak, longing, and personal growth, all woven together in a beautiful musical tapestry. This song resonates with me on a deep level, reminding me of my own experiences with lost love and the process of healing and moving forward. If you’re searching for a song that speaks to the ups and downs of love, “Come Here (Session1)” is a must-listen.

Credits and Release Information

– Album title: ‍Visions (2022)
– Produced By: Ryosuke “Dr. R” Sakai & ‌milet
– Written By: Ryosuke “Dr. R” Sakai & ‌milet
– Release Date: February 2, 2022


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