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The Meaning Behind The Song: Cold in Ohio by Jamie Lawson

The Meaning Behind The Song: Cold in Ohio by Jamie Lawson


As a fan of Jamie Lawson’s heartfelt music, I have always been drawn to the emotion and introspection in his songs. One such track that resonates deeply with me is “Cold in Ohio.” Released in 2015 as part of his self-titled album, this song captures the bittersweet feeling of longing and finding solace in love, no matter how cold the external world may be. Let’s dive into the lyrics and explore the meaningful essence of “Cold in Ohio.”

The Chorus: Seeking Warmth in Love

The chorus of “Cold in Ohio” immediately captivates listeners with its contrasting imagery of coldness and warmth. Lawson sings, “It’s cold in Ohio, I’m not going there. It’s cold in Vostok Station, in the middle of nowhere. It’s cold in New York City, with that north wind blowing through. It’s cold in Ohio, but it’s warm here next to you.” This juxtaposition signifies the artist’s yearning for warmth and comfort amidst the harsh realities of life. It reflects the idea that no matter where we find ourselves geographically or emotionally, love can serve as a refuge, providing the necessary warmth to withstand the challenges.

The Struggles of Love and Life

In the verses, Lawson delves into the complexities of love and the uncertainties it brings. He acknowledges the constant flux of relationships, hinting at the transient nature of human connections. The lines “I understand you’re worrying, I know the feelin’. Love is always shifting sand, it’s not much to believe in” encapsulate the universal struggle we all face in maintaining and trusting relationships. The lyrics reflect the reality that love can be unpredictable and fragile, making it difficult to fully invest in its promises.

The Bridge: Letting Go of External Influences

The bridge serves as a poignant moment in the song, emphasizing the power of love to transcend external circumstances. Lawson sings, “Let the snow fall down, let the wind blow through, it doesn’t matter now, it doesn’t matter now.” These lines carry a powerful message of resilience and the ability to find contentment despite the coldness of the world. It encourages us to let go of external influences and focus on the warmth and love we share with another person.

Personal Reflections

“Cold in Ohio” holds a special place in my heart as I associate it with a personal experience. As I listen to the song, I am transported back to a winter evening when I was feeling lost and alone. The lyrics and melody provided solace during that vulnerable time, reminding me that even in the coldest of moments, love can bring warmth and comfort.


Jamie Lawson’s “Cold in Ohio” beautifully encapsulates the universal longing for warmth and love in the midst of life’s challenges. It reminds us that despite the uncertainties and coldness we may encounter, the warmth we find in love can provide solace and strength. Through his heartfelt lyrics and soulful melodies, Lawson once again showcases his songwriting prowess and ability to touch our hearts. “Cold in Ohio” serves as a gentle reminder that no matter how cold the world may be, love has the power to keep us warm.

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