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The Meaning Behind The Song: C’Mon by Kesha

The Meaning Behind The Song: C’mon by Kesha

Kesha, one of the most prominent American singers and songwriters, released her single C’mon from her second studio album, Warrior, in 2012. The song peaked at number twenty-seven on the US Pop Songs chart and received mixed reviews from critics. However, it’s lyrics carry a deeper meaning, showcasing sustained resilience and perseverance. In this article, we’ll explore the powerful meaning behind the song C’mon by Kesha.

The Lyrics and Meaning of the Song

The song C’mon is an upbeat, infectious pop hit with uplifting lyrics. Set to an electronic dance beat that has become emblematic of Kesha’s music, the song highlights the promise of a good night out. However, beneath the upbeat and cheerful veneer of C’mon lies a message of strength and perseverance.

The lyrics encourage people to let go of their worries, forget their troubles, and enjoy life, knowing that things will work out eventually. While on the surface, the song appears like a celebration of hedonism, it does more than that.

The Song as a Call for Unity

Kesha’s “C’mon” is also a call for unity among people. The song’s lyrics state that when everyone comes together, anything is possible. The chorus even states, “It’s time to come together,” urging listeners to let go of any negativity and come together as a united front.

Kesha has said that the song is a reminder that, even when the world can be divisive, music has the power to bring people together. In her words, “Music can heal the deepest wounds and connect even the furthest of souls,” something that C’mon embraces fully.

The Music Video for C’mon

The music video for C’mon clearly showcases the message that Kesha is trying to convey. The video portrays Kesha and her companion, in what seems to be a post-apocalyptic world, fleeing from the authorities who are working to break them apart.

Together, they flee into a world of possibility, one with neon lights, partying, and colors, symbolizing a night of togetherness, resilience, and hope amidst all the chaos. It is a world of defiance, where people can let go of their worries and come together as a community.

Kesha’s Inspiration for the Song

Kesha, who has been open about the themes of her music, said that the inspiration for C’mon came from a desire to create a relatable song. She stated that she wanted to create a song that would remind people to take a break from their personal struggles, dance, and enjoy the moment.

Kesha herself has had to learn to be resilient, having gone through a tumultuous time in her life where she was struggling beyond measure. However, she used this album and its songs to come out of that struggle victorious and share the message of staying strong with her audience.


What inspired Kesha to write the song C’mon?

Kesha’s goal when writing the song C’Mon was to create an enjoyable and relatable pop song that would remind people to take a break from their troubles and let their hair down. She wanted people to know that it is okay to let go of the stresses of everyday life and enjoy the moment.

What message is Kesha trying to send in the song C’mon?

Kesha’s message with the song C’mon is to remind people that, even in the worst moments of their lives, they can persevere. The song celebrates resilience, unity and encourages listeners to let go and enjoy themselves amidst all the chaos.

What is the significance of the music video for C’mon?

The music video for C’mon symbolizes the resilience and hope that Kesha wants to promote through her music. The video portrays a world where people can come together as a community and let go of their worries. It’s a world of defiance and a reminder that together, anything is possible.

Was C’mon commercially successful?

C’Mon was a moderate success for Kesha, peaking at number 27 on the US Pop Songs charts. It was also certified gold in Australia and sold over 500,000 copies in the United States.

Does Kesha have more songs with uplifting messages?

Yes, Kesha has several songs that promote resilience and perseverance. Her most recent album, Rainbow, is a great example of this, with songs like “Praying,” “Woman,” and “Learn to Let Go” promoting these messages.

What has Kesha said about the power of music?

Kesha believes that music has the power to heal the deepest wounds and connect even the furthest of souls. She has stated that this belief is the foundation of her music and that she sees music as a means to help people come together as a community.

What is Kesha’s musical style?

Kesha’s music is known for its upbeat, dance-pop beats, electronic instrumentation, and auto-tuned vocals. Her music has been described as “party music” and has evolved over time to include more emotional depth and introspection.

What impact has Kesha had on modern music?

Kesha has had a significant impact on modern music, with her style and message promoting individuality and resilience. Her music has helped people come together and let go of their worries, and her message is one of hope amid the struggles of everyday life.

What was the reception of C’mon by critics?

C’Mon received mixed reviews from critics, with some praising Kesha’s message of resilience and perseverance and others criticizing the song for its lack of originality and depth.

What is Warrior, the album that C’mon is a part of, about?

Warrior is Kesha’s second studio album, released in 2012, and is a message of strength and perseverance. The album is about overcoming struggles and being true to oneself, with songs like “Die Young” and “Crazy Kids” promoting these themes.

Is Kesha still making music?

Yes, Kesha continues to release music, with her most recent album, High Road, releasing in 2020. She has also made guest appearances on several songs, and has continued to promote resilience and unity through her music.

How has Kesha’s music evolved over the years?

Kesha’s music has evolved over the years, with her earlier music focusing more on party anthems and dance-pop beats. However, her more recent music has more emotional depth and promotes resilience, with songs like “Praying” demonstrating her evolving style.

Is Kesha involved in any activism outside of music?

Yes, Kesha is an activist for causes such as animal rights and equality for the LGBTQ+ community. She uses her platform to speak out on these issues and promote social change.

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