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The Meaning Behind The Song: Cludder by JID

The Meaning Behind The Song: Cludder by JID

As a fan of JID’s music, one song that has always resonated with me is “Cludder.” The lyrics and the overall vibe of the song make it stand out among JID’s discography. In this article, I will delve into the meaning behind the lyrics of “Cludder” and share my personal experiences with this impactful track.

Before we dive into the lyrics, it’s important to understand the context of “Cludder.” JID released this freestyle unexpectedly, making it exclusive to SoundCloud and YouTube. This spontaneous release adds to the authenticity and rawness that is felt throughout the song.

The intentional misspelling of “clutter” as “cludder” sets the tone for the chaotic and confusing themes JID explores. He tackles modern social justice issues while also shedding light on the rap game’s climate. The lyrics paint a picture of the ups and downs JID has experienced in his life, referencing his upbringing and the challenges he faced growing up.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the standout lyrics:

“Look, nigga, don’t talk about style, ’cause I’ll violate
Shut the fuck up when you talk to me ‘fore I annihilate”

This opening line immediately grabs the listener’s attention with its aggressive tone. JID asserts his dominance and warns others not to underestimate him. It’s a powerful statement that sets the stage for what’s to come.

“My big homie just passed, he was young and not old enough
To not be bumpin’ P. Troy in that box Chevy, with that knock B”

JID pays homage to his late friend and reflects on the impact his passing had on him. The mention of P. Troy and the box Chevy creates a sense of nostalgia and highlights the importance of music in JID’s life.

“Still checkin’ my balance to pay my mama debt
I ain’t quite fulfilled my promise yet
And I didn’t finish college, but it wasn’t time for that
But I got an A in vagina Ed”

These lines showcase JID’s honesty and vulnerability. He acknowledges his financial struggles and the responsibility he feels towards his family. While he may not have pursued higher education, he recognizes the value of his life experiences and the lessons he’s learned along the way.

Listening to “Cludder” takes me on a journey through JID’s mind. The chaotic energy mixed with introspective lyrics creates a unique listening experience. It’s a reminder that even in the midst of confusion and uncertainty, there is always an opportunity for growth and self-discovery.

In conclusion, “Cludder” by JID is a powerful and thought-provoking song that addresses societal issues, personal struggles, and the artist’s journey. The song’s authenticity and vulnerability make it a standout track in JID’s discography. I encourage everyone to give it a listen and appreciate the depth and complexity of the lyrics.

Album title: [Album Title]


Written By: Christo, Nice Rec & JID

Label: Interscope Records & Dreamville

Release Date: October 25, 2020

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