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The Meaning Behind The Song: Cleanin’ Up the Town by The BusBoys


The Meaning Behind The Song: Cleanin’ Up the Town by The BusBoys

Cleanin’ Up the Town is a popular song by The BusBoys, an American rock band known for their energetic performances and catchy tunes. Released in 1984, this song gained significant popularity due to its inclusion in the hit movie “Ghostbusters.” With its upbeat rhythm and empowering lyrics, Cleanin’ Up the Town has become an anthem for those fighting against adversity and standing up against injustice.

The song’s meaning revolves around the idea of taking control of your own destiny and rising above challenging circumstances. It serves as a call to action, inspiring listeners to face their own personal demons and work towards a better future. The lyrics illustrate a journey of self-discovery and resilience, emphasizing the need to clean up the negativity in our lives and strive for positive change.

Cleanin’ Up the Town can be interpreted as a metaphorical representation of overcoming societal challenges and working together to build a better community. It encourages listeners to acknowledge the issues that surround them and take responsibility for creating a more inclusive and harmonious environment. The BusBoys deliver this message with passion and conviction, making the song both relatable and inspiring.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cleanin’ Up the Town

1. Who wrote Cleanin’ Up the Town?

Cleanin’ Up the Town was written by the members of The BusBoys: Brian O’Neal, Kevin O’Neal, Vic Johnson, Steve Felix, and Gus Louderman. Each member contributed unique elements to the creation of this iconic song.

2. What inspired The BusBoys to write Cleanin’ Up the Town?

The BusBoys were approached to contribute a song to the soundtrack of the movie “Ghostbusters.” They created Cleanin’ Up the Town specifically for this purpose. The band wanted to create a song that captured the spirit of the film and conveyed a positive message of empowerment.

3. How did Cleanin’ Up the Town become associated with the movie “Ghostbusters”?

The director of “Ghostbusters,” Ivan Reitman, believed that Cleanin’ Up the Town perfectly encapsulated the film’s theme and message. As a result, he decided to include it in the movie’s soundtrack. This association propelled the song to new heights of popularity.

4. What impact did Cleanin’ Up the Town have on The BusBoys’ career?

Cleanin’ Up the Town significantly boosted the popularity of The BusBoys, exposing their music to a wide audience. The song’s success led to increased album sales and opportunities for the band to perform live. It remains one of their most well-known and beloved songs.

5. What is the overall message conveyed in Cleanin’ Up the Town?

Cleanin’ Up the Town encourages listeners not to succumb to negativity and to take control of their lives. It emphasizes the importance of working towards positive change, both individually and collectively. The song serves as a reminder that we all have the power to make a difference.

6. Has Cleanin’ Up the Town been covered by other artists?

Yes, Cleanin’ Up the Town has been covered by various artists over the years. The song’s enduring popularity has inspired musicians from different genres to perform their own renditions, each adding their unique touch to the iconic track.

7. Are there any hidden meanings in Cleanin’ Up the Town?

While Cleanin’ Up the Town does not contain explicit hidden meanings, its lyrics can be interpreted in different ways, depending on the listener’s perspective. The song’s overall message of empowerment and overcoming challenges resonates with individuals facing various struggles.

8. How did Cleanin’ Up the Town contribute to the success of the movie “Ghostbusters”?

Cleanin’ Up the Town’s inclusion in the “Ghostbusters” soundtrack played a significant role in the film’s overall success. The catchy tune and motivational lyrics added to the movie’s appeal and further enhanced its cultural impact.

9. What genre does Cleanin’ Up the Town belong to?

Cleanin’ Up the Town is a rock song with elements of R&B and funk. The BusBoys’ signature style blends these genres, creating a unique sound that sets them apart from other bands of the time.

10. Is Cleanin’ Up the Town considered a classic song?

Yes, Cleanin’ Up the Town is widely regarded as a classic song and has retained its popularity over the years. Its uplifting message and infectious melody have helped it stand the test of time.

11. How did the audience respond to Cleanin’ Up the Town when it was first released?

Upon its release, Cleanin’ Up the Town received positive reviews from music critics and garnered a strong following among fans. Its catchy hook and powerful lyrics resonated with listeners, resulting in its widespread popularity.

12. What other songs are notable in The BusBoys’ discography?

The BusBoys have several other notable songs in their discography, including “The Boys Are Back in Town” and “Johnny Soul’d Out.” Each song showcases the band’s unique blend of rock, funk, and R&B, further highlighting their talented musicianship.

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