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The Meaning Behind The Song: Christmastime in the LBC by Jimmy Kimmel

The Meaning Behind The Song: “Christmastime in the LBC” by Jimmy Kimmel


As the holiday season approaches, it’s common to hear familiar tunes playing on the radio or streaming on our devices. Among the many Christmas songs out there, there are a few that stand out for their uniqueness and humor. One such song is “Christmastime in the LBC” by Jimmy Kimmel. Inspired by the festive season, this parody rap song offers a comical twist to the traditional Christmas carols we are accustomed to. In this article, I will explore the meaning behind this humorous track and share some personal experiences with this catchy tune.

The Lyrics

The lyrics of “Christmastime in the LBC” are a playful take on the holiday season, incorporating elements of rap and popular culture. The song is performed by Jimmy Kimmel, who assumes the role of Snoop Dogg in his humorous rendition. The lyrics contain explicit language and should be enjoyed in the context of light-hearted fun.

The song opens with a reference to Snoop Dogg’s alter ego, the “D.O.G,” and introduces the tale of the Holy Family. Kimmel raps about the Baby G.O.D (G.O.D being an acronym for “Gift Of Dre”) and highlights the dangerous situation they faced with the evil king.

Kimmel’s lyrics also include humorous references to Christmas traditions. He comically requests Santa to bring a pick for his afro and lists his Christmas wishes, which include a black Lexus and a gang of Tanqueray for his homies. The rapper’s witty play on words and clever references to other musicians, such as Dr. Dre, makes the song both hilarious and captivating.

Throughout the track, Kimmel intertwines the religious aspects of Christmas with his comedic spin, as he talks about Saint Nick picking chronic for Slick Rick and warns against packing a sack for 2Pac. The song hilariously blends together traditional Christmas imagery with Snoop Dogg’s unique style and language.

The Context

“Christmastime in the LBC” was released as part of the annual Christmas cassette produced by Kevin and Bean, the morning duo for LA radio station KROQ 106.7 FM. The 1996 release, titled “Christmastime in the LBC,” featured this funny parody rap song by Jimmy Kimmel, who was then a sports announcer for the show.

The song gained popularity among listeners of KROQ and became a favorite during the holiday season. Its humorous lyrics and catchy beats added a unique touch to the often repetitive Christmas playlist.

Personal Experience

As a fan of Jimmy Kimmel’s comedic style, “Christmastime in the LBC” has been a frequent addition to my holiday playlist. It injects a dose of laughter into the festive period, reminding us not to take ourselves too seriously during this time of celebration.

Whenever I hear this song, it brings back memories of singing along with friends and family, exchanging laughs, and creating a joyous atmosphere during the holidays. The clever wordplay and the unexpected blending of rap and classic Christmas themes never fail to put a smile on my face.


“Christmastime in the LBC” by Jimmy Kimmel offers a comical twist to the traditional Christmas carols we are familiar with. Through humorous lyrics and playful rap, Kimmel creates a memorable and entertaining track that resonates with listeners during the holiday season. Although light-hearted and satirical, the song reminds us to embrace the joy and laughter that the holidays bring. So, this holiday season, why not give it a listen and let yourself be transported to the world of Snoop Dogg’s Christmas in the LBC.

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