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The Meaning Behind The Song: Chỉ Còn Là Hồi Ức by NUL

The Meaning Behind The Song: Chỉ Còn Là Hồi Ức by NUL

As a Music Technician, I have had the opportunity to dive into various genres and explore songs that hold deep meanings. One such song that has touched my heart is “Chỉ Còn Là Hồi Ức” by NUL. This Vietnamese song, which appeared on season one of Rap Việt, carries a powerful message and evokes a wave of emotions.

I first heard this song on a rainy day, while I was sitting at a friend’s house. As the music video played on the screen, I was captivated by the melancholic melody and the raw emotions conveyed by NUL’s lyrics. The song speaks about the nostalgic memories of her mother and the regrets she carries as a young woman who lost her mother to terminal cancer.

The song opens with the lines “I wish to go back to the old days, / Just a piece of cloth to shelter both mother and child from the rain.” These heartfelt words paint a vivid picture of a difficult past where NUL and her mother struggled to make a living. Despite their meager means, NUL’s mother always prioritized her daughter’s well-being, making sacrifices to ensure their survival.

The lyrics continue to delve into the hardships endured by NUL’s mother, their close bond, and the pain they faced together. “And there were days when mother fell ill, mother was in pain. / I could only hold her and cry. / Time waits for no one. / Seeing my mother’s hair turn gray.”

Despite their lack of material wealth, NUL’s mother always found ways to take care of her, relying on friendships and hard work to provide for her family. However, fate dealt them a cruel hand when NUL was born and her mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The song portrays NUL’s fear and desperation as she witnesses her mother’s suffering, clinging onto the hope of her recovery.

The most heart-wrenching part of the song comes when NUL recalls her mother’s last moments. She remembers her mother’s plea for help, her tears searing into her heart. Unable to bear the thought of seeing her mother leave without uttering farewell, NUL expresses her grief and longing for her mother’s presence.

As the song progresses, NUL reflects on how her life changed after her mother’s passing. She becomes the responsible one, leaving behind her playful nature and embracing the role of a matured individual. She regrets the missed opportunities to cherish her mother’s presence when she was alive but promises to live as a good daughter, embodying her mother’s love and teachings.

Listening to “Chỉ Còn Là Hồi Ức” takes me on an emotional journey reminiscent of my own experiences with loss and longing. It serves as a reminder to appreciate the moments we have with our loved ones and to never take their presence for granted. Through this song, NUL beautifully captures the pain, regret, and love that come with losing a cherished individual.

The success of this song can also be attributed to its sample from Phan Mạnh Quỳnh’s “Hồi Ức,” imbuing it with a sense of nostalgia and familiarity that resonates with listeners.

In conclusion, “Chỉ Còn Là Hồi Ức” is a heartfelt tribute by NUL to her late mother. Through her lyrics, NUL shares her regrets, her pain, and her promise to honor her mother’s memory. This song serves as a powerful reminder to cherish our loved ones and to make the most of the time we have with them. It is a testament to the universal impact of music and its ability to touch our hearts and souls.


– Release Date: September 6, 2020
– Sampled from: “Hồi Ức” by Phan Mạnh Quỳnh

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